Kongeriget Danmark
Kingdom of Denmark
Constituent Country of Großgermania
Flag of Denmark
National Flag
Guds hjælp, Folkets kærlighed, Danmarks styrke
National Anthem
Der er et yndigt land
Capital København
Official language Danish
Demonym Danish
Government Type
- Queen
Limited Monarchy
Margrethe II
Formation 12 December 2008
Time Zone UTC +1

The Kingdom of Denmark (Danish: Kongeriget Danmark) is a federal kingdom and constituent country of Großgermania. It has the same territory as the pre-unification Kingdom of Denmark, excluding Kalaallit Nunaat and the Faroe Islands. It is a National Unionist monarchy, divided into four provinces (bezirke).

The Kingdom of Denmark developed as a medieval kingdom from the Vikings civilizations living there from the 8th to 11th centuries. An elective monarchy was established around 1000, although in practice the eldest son of the reigning king was always elected. Entering into various unions with Norway and Sweden, beginning with the Kalmar Union in 1397 under the Danish crown, Denmark assumed its current form in 1944 after the Allied forces attacked neutral Iceland during the Second World War. After its merger into Großgermania in 2008, Denmark relinquished all claims to Kalaallit Nunaat, essentially granting it independence.

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