Gun Law

States you are able to own a gun but must be of 20 years old and keep it in a armored gun safe when not using it for sport or practice. if the person has a license to carry a gun on them they must provide the information on there driver license plates so the State and country Police are well informed before they approach the car.

the person must attend a 3 day class and pass a gun carrying test with a written test and all so so take a safety course

if the person violates this and is caught with a counseled weapon on them with out a permit there weapon is removed and there fined or taken to jail and held for three days max before they get to see a judge the judge can remove there permit or suspend there permit to carry or own a gun for about forty five to sixty five days to life.

Hunting sports

Person shell be 16 and older to get there Hunting Sports Permit and attend a three day hunter safety class and pass it.

Soviet Citizens Have The Right To Bar Arms

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