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The King of Jaduka is the leader and one of two official heads of state of Jaduka. The current king is Vladimir Domo De Dovo.

Position and Power as King[]

In Relation to the Jadukastag[]

The King does not hold power over the Jadukastag or the Prime Minister. Theoretically, however, the King, Prime Minister, and Jadukastag hold equal power. In practice, however, the King and Prime Minister hold power over the Jadukastag.

The King is able to make most decisions without Jadukastag approval. However, the Jadukastag is able to vote and, with a 75% vote, can overturn a decision from both King and Prime Minister.

In Relation to the Prime Minister[]

Both the King and Prime Minister are able to make some autonomous decisions. However, both parties can overturn the other's decision. Should this happen, the Jadukastag votes on the matter and the Jadukastag decision is final.

List of Kings[]

Number Picture Name Reign Began Reign Ended House
1 Domo De Dovo Vladimir Domo De Dovo January 14, 2010 Domo De Dovo