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History in TWDEdit

King Vences formed his nation the same day as TWD was founded, and joined on that very first day. He later went on to run for MoW and MoFA but dropped out of both races, but ran for MoIA and won. He later went on to win 2 more consecutive terms before leaving to RnR for a small period of time. In his return, he signed in under contract, but the contract was later voided and King Vences later went on to win 2 more consecutive terms. He then was appointed as Executive Minister, then EM-Vice President, then EM-President.

History in AuEdit

King Vences was one of 3 founding members of the Auric Armada. A 1 of 3 premiers, he worked mostly internally until the other 2 premiers left and King Vences was alone to work on both internal and external affairs. He later resigned from Au, but not before merging Au into Defense Confederation.

History in TORNEdit

As soon as King Vences left Au, he applied to TORN, and within 2 days, was accepted. He was working multiple jobs in multiple branches of the government until his recent retirement from CN politics.

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