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The following statement by KingRich was announced on August 28, 2009. On that day, the nation of Blancos Dos completed construction of its Manhattan Project, and developed the first nuclear weapon in the nation's history.


This morning, during a special news conference, the leader of Blancos Dos addressed a small crowd of 50-60 reporters and bystanders. His message was short, however powerful.

"Today, we mark a historic achievement. Today, we have stepped up into the world stage on a new level. We are stronger today than we have ever been, and our national defensive and offensive military capabilities will never be overshadowed by any another.

Today, we have cut the ribbon on the doors to our Manhattan Project facility. We have also purchased and constructed the first nuclear warhead in the history of Blancos Dos!

Today shall be known as a national holiday, a day of recognition, and a day of remembrance. Today shall be known as Liberty Day, for we now enjoy a new freedom that was previously out of our grasp.

All beer halls and gin joints will serve alcohol until midnight, free of charge to all, after which will be followed by a government sponsored celebration in Blancos Square.

Hail Blancos Dos and its alliance, the New Polar Order, which is stronger today for this achievement!"