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On August 14, 2008, three nations, members of the FOK Alliance, attacked the nation of Blancreckt in a before-unseen show of force. Within hours, Blancreckt and its' citizens were in a state of Anarchy. Rioters stormed the capital city, demanding that their leader KingRich organize and deploy forces to counter the threat. Upon counter-attacking the enemy invaders, KingRich realized that he would need additional support from his Polar bretheren. The leader also released a statement to the nation:

Ladies and Gentlemen of Polaris,
On August 13-14, 2008, Polar nations and military installations were savagely and brutally attacked by the imperialistic :forces of The Continuum and its' allies. Current damage estimates show 200+ nations of Polaris in a state of Anarchy, :with many member nations facing three attacking nations at once.
As the Monarch and Supreme Commander of the nation of Blancreckt, I have directed the mobilization of all Reserve Forces :along with National Guard and Auxilliary soldiers. Civilian factories and other essential production facilities have been :converted to military tank and aircraft production. With the unfortunate circumstance of war at our borders, also brings :economic boom and we will prosper in that aspect as a result.
However, citizens of Blancreckt and Polaris collectively, make no mistake. We will not waver in our resolve. There comes :a time when every citizen, from the man who barely makes enough money to support his family by collecting garbage, to the :bankers, lawyers, and stock-brokers who live comfortably in their mansions, must take up arms and defend what they feel is :the righteous and just cause. They must fight it TO THE DEATH. The only other acceptable outcome of course is Victory.
Victory will not be an easy gain. We will face certain destruction. We will face ridicule from those who wish to bring :us harm and see us slip quietly into the night. We also will face our attackers head on, and show them that there will be :no easy battle, and that we will stand strong through the night. At daybreak, we will rule the day.
We will also be respectful. There is nothing to gain or prosper from causing deep scars that will mar us forever. We :will fight the good fight, and nothing less.
We will also remember the day which will live in infamy, the day that "Hell froze over", July 4, 2008. The Emperor of the :New Pacific Order, in the early hours of the morning, declared that "Ordinance of Order" had been dissolved. Many saw the :actions taken by TrotskysRevenge as the Beginning of the End. If this turns out to be true, then SO BE IT! We will fight :until there is nothing left, not a single bit of infrastructure, not a fighter jet or tank, nor a single soldier. We will :face death in the most honorable way and will never quiver or shake in fear.
Finally, and I must say this, if there is anyone who will not carry our banner to their grave, then leave now. No hard :feelings will be harbored by me personally, just go and don't come back. Polaris is in its Darkest Hour, and we solely :decide what happens when the clock strikes twelve...
Godspeed to all Polar nations and her allies!
Hail the New Polar Order!
Hail to Emperor AlmightyGrub!