Age of IvanAge of the Pantless EmperorAge of the Divine Bovine
Capital City Etremont
Established 5/26/2006
(5,021 days old)
Alliance CoJFlag2
Cult of Justitia
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Since 01/13/2011 (3,328 days)
Nation Team Red team Red
Native Resources Pigs Wheat

KingEsus is the ruler of Sasainn.

The name is derived from the Gaulish god of war and agriculture, Esus, with 'King' being a simple prefix.

In his time in the NPO, KingEsus held many minor positions in the alliance, and authored the page on Francograd.

KingEsus's NPO War Ribbon Bar

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GW3 · Abp · ONOS · FAN
FAN-GOLD · RED · FAN2 · Gpawar2
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