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Kim Yoo Jin City[]

Kim Yoo Jin City
capital city of the
New Korean Republic
Flag of Kim Yoo Jin City
City Flag
Kim Yoo Jin City
Aerial photograph of the New Capital
overlooking the two Newly constructed floating stadiums
Nation New Korean Republic
Location [1]
Area Not yet surveyed
Population undisclosed

  • The capital of the New Korean Republic. Located just outside the limits of the old South Korean capital.


  • After the reunification, The old South Korean Capital was chosen as the New capital of the newly-born State but due to the massive Nuclear attacks done by the Nekronian Platoon, it was devastated and is not fit for human habitat anymore so the New government chose a new place to construct a new capital but it was temporarily named Seoul-II. After a year it was completed, a referendum was held and the new name was chosen for the new capital.


  • The city got its name from a South Korean singer and actress, known mostly for her musical career as part of the hit K-pop group S.E.S..