Founding and Early History Edit

Kilmacolm is a large and older nation, founded on the 16th March 2006 by DarkQuiksilver. The nation was founded by the elite, upper class population of the island of Svalbard and around 250 people moved to the northern part of the island. A great tower was built to house the residents, called Duchale. The tower was farily basic, but using tax money it was improved and roads were built leading to it. As more immigrants arrived, houses were built round about it and the surrounding land area was bought from the local people and the country grew to encompass the entire northern island of Svalbard.

However, the nation quickly became isolated in a world of alliances, and so the nations government (a commumist one at the time) joined the Grand Global Alliance (GGA).

The GGA Days Edit

On 26 March 2006, Kilmacolm entered the Grand Global Alliance. Though unambitious and inactive for the first month, in the weeks prior to the Great War, DarkQuiksilver rose to the rank of Cavalier. When the Great War broke out, DarkQuiksilver served the GGA in battle, and destroyed one NPO nation. During teh war, Kilmacolm advanced rapidly using technology taken from other nations and increased in size to cover most of Svalbard.

Civil Wars Edit

Kilmacolm experienced two civil wars after the great war. The first civil war was a small uprising by a group of rebels opposed to the part played in the Great War. This uprising was quelled, with 139 Kilmacolm military casualties and 947 rebel casualties and 45 civilian deaths.

The second war was by the natives of Southern Svalbard after Kilmacolm invaded and conquored the land. This war was more disastrous, with 1530 Kilmacolm military casualties and nearly 3563 Southern casualties. However, eventually the rest of the southern population accepted Kilmacolms' rule.

The Hunters Guild Edit

In October 2006, Kilmacolm left the GGA and became the head alliance in the Hunter's Guild, a rogue-hunting alliance. Many bounties were collected in the Guild, but in December 2006, Kilmacolm suspended the Hunter's Guild and joined the CDS, only a week before Great War II broke out.

The Foreign DivisionEdit

Kilmacolm left the CDS durin GW3 because it got totally pwned. It then joined The Foreign Division, a developing alliance with a friendly community.

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