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Khavkuk Mikhailovich Shlomov (b. 3 April 1989, Glazov, USSR), Jewish name Habkuk bar Mihael, is a Uralican footballer who currently plays for Dinamo Kirov. He is one of the best footballers in the Robertian era and has drawn comparison to such luminaries as Alessandro Del Piero, Roberto Baggio, and Cristiano Ronaldo ("except for the diving," he once joked.)


Khavkuk started playing football at a young age, not unlike most Europeans. He was particularly fast for his age, so his father, Mikhail Shlomov (Ovdey Shlomov's younger brother) enrolled him in Dinamo Kirov's youth camps when he was only six.

The disastrous end of the pre-Robertian Era took Khavkuk's career a whole year to recover from, however he came back strong - at age 18, he joined Dinamo Kirov's first team, even though with the dissolution of the old Russian soccer system they had no real league to play in until after the formation of Uralica, and later, the Uralikan Jalkapalloliiga.

In the first season in the Bolakliiga, he lead the league in goals, scoring 42 of the team's 67 goals and beating the next-in-line, SiPS striker Joni Rasimus, by seven goals.