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Not to be confused with Kanto.

Khanto (form. Noyabrsk, Finn. Hantto, Russ. Ханто) is a Uralican city located close to the southern border of Yamalia county, of which it is the largest settlement (albeit only by two or three thousand people over Novy Urengoy). Originally founded as an oil boom town, it had actually shrunk since the oil reserves dried up, however it still has relevance as a centre for mining operations of vast reserves of iron, which led to a new boom in population. There are also a few silver mines in the area. It is also an important stopover for travelers on Highway UH-22 (which runs from Surgut to the Urengoy area).


Its name would indicate a strong Khanty presence in the city, however the largest ethnic Uralic community is actually Samoyedic, with the most-spoken Uralic language being Selkup. Other than this, the community is predominantly Russian, both by ethnicity and Tribe. There is also a small Nenets population.

Khanto is notorious for having the vast majority of Uralica's monoglots, the majority of these speaking Selkup or Nganasan. Fortunately, there are enough speakers of these two languages in the city to translate Russian texts for these. It is also the location of one of four "Last Speakers" homes in Uralica, where speakers of moribund Uralic languages can speak and even teach their language. Forest and Tundra Enets, Northern and Southern Yukaghir, and Pite Saami are spoken, studied, and taught here.

For tourists, there is the large Khanto Cultural Centre (formerly Museum Resource Centre of Noyabrsk) which has sections dedicated to modern fine arts, ethnography, children's arts, town history, and, recently added, to the arts of the Selkup and Nganasan peoples. Nearby are several lakes popular with the outdoorsy sort, most notably Lake Khanto, from which the town gets its current name. It is also popular with extreme sports nuts, as it not only contains Uralica's only motorcross facility, but is said to have some of the best "skate spots" in the country, and contains two indoor skate parks and an innovative "skate-o-drome" - where inline skaters can race against each other on a track not dissimilar from a velodrome.


Football (soccer)[]


  • Yamalia FK Khanto


  • FK Khanto
  • Spartak Khanto

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • Dinamo Khanto
  • Neftyanik Khanto
  • Lokomotiv Khanto
  • Mashinostroitel Khanto
  • Metallurg Khanto
  • Zheleznik Khanto
  • Gornyak Khanto
  • YamaloStal Khanto
  • Samoyedika Khanto
  • MFK Khanto
  • Transit Khanto
  • Omnibus Khanto
  • Avtodor Khanto
  • CSKA Khanto
  • CSKVC Khanto
  • Progress Khanto

Ice Hockey[]

  • HK Khanto


  • Yamalia Bandyklub


  • Khantosky RMS (non-League)

Cross-Country Skiing[]

  • Khanto Park


  • Yamal Motorcross Track - currently Uralica's only motorcross facility.

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Yuzhnoye Khanto
  • Vosemnadtsatomartsk