Kernwaffen is a small nation located on the horn of Africa that specializes in modern to advanced warfare and keeping it's comparatively small population as happy as possible.

Founding Edit

Founded by President for Life, Max Kernwaffen, the nation grew from a small assembly of nomadic peoples, oddly out of place in the African heat with their pale white skin (their tribe name was the "Wandering Whities", on the horn of Africa. The capital city of Trafalgar quickly blossomed into a large trading city just miles from the fertile Indain Ocean and the nearby mid-east oil fields. As the nation grew, Trafalgar, instead of stagnating as other cities grew, continued to expand as it's culture and presence was ever dominating on the lonely peninsula.

Military Edit

Sporting a small but expertly trained and technologically advanced military, Kernwaffen has yet to be engaged by any nearby nations since it's inception. Priding itself in it's many different arts of war, many of Kernwaffen's elite soldiers are often are sent into combat to aid allies in it's ongoing effort to ensure peace and stability in it's region.



Utilising the latest innovations to come of the Kernwaffen R&D, the Specters are the most lethal infantry units available. Armed with classified armor plating and high powered assault rifles, they can wreak havoc on a battlefield, easily turning the tides of battle.

Populace Edit

The populace of Kernwaffen, 90% of which is located in the metropolis of Trafalgar, is a very happy and productive one. Although education levels are considered sub-par, most citizens do not mind and go about their 9 to 5 jobs, helping to spread the power and influence of Kernwaffen.