Kenneth_Cole is the ruler of Vonnegutville and a former Spartan Ephor of Foreign Affairs. He started playing during the summer of 2006 and continues to this day. For a long time he was an independent purple nation. He was led to CN by friends on both Legion and LUE. Later in his CN career he joined b shortly after its founding and continued with it until GW3. He then left b and once again became an independent.

The recruiting efforts of HeatherK and Silent_01 lured him to Sparta. At the time, Sparta was still building and going through growing pains. His early inactivity was soon replaced by grater participation within the alliance. He first became the Boost Master, responsible for compiling lists of boosters and boost receivers. He then started to get more involved with inter-alliance relationships. He became a diplomat to the GGA, \m/, Golden Sabres, Genmay, and TPF during the time leading up to Sparta's departure from GUARD and then participation in the Unjust War.

During the Unjust War he was promoted to the position of Head Diplomat and he assumed the responsibility for War-AID management during the conflict with TPF. After the war, he helped negotiate the MADP with TPF and has since been working diligently to mold the Pink Team into a hospitable and respectable sphere.

Some of the treaties Kenneth_Cole helped negotiate for Sparta:

Kenneth_Cole resigned from the position of Spartan Ephor of Foreign Affairs in February of 2008, after 5 months of dedicated service to Sparta. He now acts as an Advisor to all of Sparta's Protectorates and runs Sparta's Trade forums.

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