Flag of Katangara
The Flag of Katangara
It is Better to Die on your Feet than Live on your Knees
Capital Katangara City
Official Languages Russian, English, Katangarian
  • Revolutionary
Mr Johan Terestria
Secession Day February 1, 2006
 • Total

133.001 mile diameter (23 Mar. 06)
 • Civilians
 • Military

1,381 Men, Woman, Children (23 Mar. 06)
540 Soldiers (23 Mar. 06)
National Animal The Wolf
  • Gross Individual
  • After Taxes

Literacy Rate: 96.37%
Currency 1 Dollar ($) = 100 Cents
 • Connected
Pigs & Oil
Uranium, Rubber, Water, Lumber


Katangara started out as a dream in the mind of a young man. Disgusted with the Federal Politics of the Australian Government, he bought a package of land halfway between Sydney and Canberra, his former home, and moved to the slightly inhospitable mountain terrain with a group of core supporters. Months passed as the group expanded their numbers and became self-sufficient enough to survive, then one member made a discovery which accelerated their plans. She struck Oil. Soon after, the Federal Government attempted to seize the lands, claiming that it was crown property, and when the group resisted Riot Police were sent in. A rough fight followed, leaving 3 dead supporters to over 20 injured Riot Police. They withdrew, and the army was called in. Over a month of siege warfare passed, before the Group declared themselves to be a New Nation, and joined the Global Alliance and Treaty Organisation. This manouver caused the Federal Government to back off and open peace talks.

Government and PoliticsEdit

Katangara is a fairly friendly nation, continuing the Australian Tradition of friendliness and welcome. Some newcomers are treated with suspicion, as all the members of the nation remember the still fresh bloodshed that birthed their nation. Katangara is currently a Revolutionary state, led by Mr Johan Terestria.

Foreign Affairs and AlliancesEdit

Katangara enjoys Excellent foreign affairs with nations both inside and outside it's Alliance, and is an active player in shaping the Global Alliance. Gatohq
The GATO HQ building in Katangara-City


The Economy of Katangara is very strong, pulling in thousands of dollars of tax each day, then pouring that money back into improving the lives of its citizens. It's Technology is first rate, and the Infrastructure level is extremelly high. Rumours abound inside and outside the Government that the nation is syphoning funds off into a Black Ops program codenamed "Operation Blue Powder".


The Military of Katangara is Strong and Defensively Deployed. Katangara has taken part in no Military Campaigns as of yet.


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