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Kashmir Official Flag

Kashmir Official Flag
Team Color Brown team.gif Brown
Founded May 1, 2013
  • King: SirWilliam
  • Prince: Jason8
  • High Elder of Internal Affairs: Serberus
  • High Elder of Economics: Blamange
  • High Elder at Large: master hakai
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Kashmir is a Brown team alliance.

Kashmir believes strongly in the principles of transparency, group involvement, and open source thinking. Internally it has no secret forums or back channels, which allows for every member to be as involved as he or she sees fit. The government serves a mostly administrative role, the membership being the driving force of the alliance. These ideals unite them under the banner of Kashmir.

The Codex[]

The Codex contains the cardinal rules of Kashmir and is updated on an as-needed or precedent-setting basis. The Codex is by no means all-encompassing so common sense should still be utilized.

Dual Membership

The King may grant dual membership to any foreigner. Violation of the Codex results in automatic forfeiture of dual membership. No foreigner is presently afforded dual membership privileges.

Member-on-Member Attacks

No member shall attack and inflict damage upon another without invitation or consent.


Unaligned nations without protection noted in nation bios are pre-approved as tech-raid targets provided they're not actively selling tech; nations on alliance affiliations of two members or more may only be raided with approval from the King or the Prince (again provided they're not actively selling tech).

Alliance Warfare

Only the King may authorize war or spy attacks on alliances with allies or protection.


No member may aid, for the purpose of acquisition of tech or otherwise, a nation whose alliance is at war with another. No member may aid, for the purpose of acquisition of tech or otherwise, ZI listed nations.

Exceptions to any of the above may be made only by the King. Failure to abide by the cardinal rules specified above may result in consequences up to and including expulsion and retaliation.


In lieu of forums Kashmir hosts its guides on Wiki.

The Beginners Guide
BASICS: Economics Guide
BASICS: Military Guide
The Tech Sellers' Guide to Tech

International Relations[]

Kashmir's Foreign Affairs Policy (FAP) states the following:

Foreign Affairs Policy

Kashmir recognizes relations with other alliances both announced (via paper) and unannounced (paperless). The exact conditions when paperless are set by the applicable parties. Kashmir considers paperless bonds to be of equal strength to those forged in paper.

Ally Treaty Announcement
Global Alliance and Treaty Organization and Union of Communist Republics Brown Unity and Trade Treaty Link
Pirates Of the Parrot Order ODoAP Paperless
Screaming Red Asses MDoAP Paperless
The First Order MDoAP Paperless

While FAP technically replaced the now defunct Kashmir Co-Prosperity doctrine, the spirit of KCP remains.

Kashmir Co-Prosperity stated the following:

Kashmir Co-Prosperity

Kashmir acknowledges that in this world of chaos there are those among us who would stake their right to defend and assist as they please.

Kashmir submits that alliances are bound only by true feelings of friendship and co-prosperity. It is this submission that dictates any aid or assistance, in aggressive or defensive, diplomatic, or economic nature, offered between Kashmir and its friends.

Kashmir contends that this document consists conceptually as an agreement to the principles of non-aggression, optional defense, and optional aggression between Kashmir and its friends.

War History[]

War Combatants Duration
Prototype-Armpit Platoon War Armpit Platoon, Army of One 4/7/2013 – 4/15/2013
Disorder War The Order of the Paradox 11/5/2013 – 2/6/2014
Kaskus-SL War Kaskus, Screaming Red Asses 11/5/2013 – 12/15/2013
Whistlin' Dixie War Limitless Nexus 6/16/2014 – 6/28/2014
Doom War State of Unified Nations (2nd), North Atlantic Defense Coalition, Invicta, The Legion 11/18/2014 – 1/7/2015
Dre4m War Monsters, Inc., aNiMaLz, Limitless Nexus 6/15/2015 – 10/6/2015
TIR-Kashmir War The Imperial Remnant 10/13/2015 – 10/20/2015
Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp Limitless Nexus, Confederatio Aesir, Non Grata, New Polar Order, Oculus, Nordreich (2nd), Farkistan, and Cowboys 4/10/2016 – 5/29/2016
Monsters Mash Monsters University 9/25/2016 – 11/14/2016
The Aevrum Campaign Royal House of Aevrum 10/20/2017 – 11/14/2017
Maroon Rehabilitation War Royal House of Aevrum 11/30/2017 – 2/4/2018
FTW-Kashmir War Freehold of The Wolves 4/11/2018 – 4/17/2018
Snake Eyes War Freehold of The Wolves and The Legion 3/23/2019 – 8/10/2019
Bi-Cycle War Argent, CLAWS, Global Alliance and Treaty Organization, Independent Republic of Orange Nations, New Pacific Order, and The Legion 1/23/2021 - 1/31/2021
Easter War The Imperial Entente 4/3/2021 - 4/11/2021
For Egg War Non Grata 6/2/2021 - 6/29/2021

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