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Karpinsk (Finn. Karpilla) is a Uralican city located in East Uralica, 3 km west of Punaturjin - the two cities are on opposite ends of Prud Turya, a small reservoir along the Turya River. Furthermore, the two cities are connected by Highway UH-6, which proceeds north to Volchansk and beyond.

Although mostly a mining and metallurgy city, with iron and copper being the most important metals (although there are also small amounts of others, including molybdenum and tin), there are also food production, furniture and appliance making, light machinery manufacturing, and transportation industries within the cities.


Besides being an industrial centre, Karpinsk is also quite rich in culture, having far more than the required number of cinemas, drama theatres, concert halls, and cultural facilities necessitated by the Uralican Cities Act. It is also unique amongst smaller Uralican cities that it has its own circus troupe - it is the only city under two hundred thousand people to be able to claim this. It has a full-size symphony orchestra as well, but has not yet registered it with the Tribal Council to receive government funding, something which can happen again in March. If it does indeed receive approval, the orchestra will make Karpinsk the smallest Uralican city and second-smallest settlement (after Pazhga) to have a full one.

Collier Park in downtown Karpinsk is a beautiful park with roundabouts, fountains, statues of famous "Karpinetsy," plus an outdoor covered dance floor and an amphitheatre for summer use.

Word Of God Cathedral (also called Bogoslovsky Cathedral), built in the unique "Ural Baroque" architectural style, that was ransacked by Communists and basically left to decay, but at the end of the 20th century, a revitalisation project temporarily brought it back to its former glory. Cataclysm and five global wars took their toll, though, and a second revitalisation project, this time bankrolled by the Uralican Orthodox Church, started around October 2008, wrapping up in November 2009.

There is also a memorial to all those killed in World War II, complete with its own church.

Russians and Komi make up the bulk of the population, with some Finns and Bashkirs as well.


Football (Soccer)[]


  • Avtodor Karpinsk


  • Turbo Karpinsk

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • FK Karpinsk
  • Dinamo Karpinsk
  • Spartak Karpinsk
  • Gornyak Karpinsk
  • Metallist Karpinsk
  • Mednik Karpinsk
  • Zheleznik Karpinsk
  • Turan Karpinsk
  • Progress Karpinsk
  • Vostok Karpinsk
  • Zenit Karpinsk
  • Mashinostroitel Karpinsk
  • Rotor Karpinsk

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Lesnaya Polyana
  • Vyuzhnyy
  • Sopka