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The Flag - NPO Symbol of Karpathos
Political Party:
Updated March 6, 2006
Capital Aperi
Official Languages N/A
  • Monarchy
The Monarchy of his
Majesty Petros
Team Red
Formation January 24, 2006
National Strength 499.730
World Ranking N/A
 • Total

N/A mile diameter
 • Civilians
 • Military

581 Citizens
2,483 Soldiers
Currency 1 Dollar = N/A Euro

1 Euro = N/A Dollar

 • Connected
Iron Lumber
Pigs Uranium Gold
Gems Coal Oil

Karpathos is a nation run by Petros. On January 26, 2006 Karpathos reserved the AA "New Pacific Order" becoming it's first official member, he was soon joined by his comrades from NationStates; Ivan Moldavi, Vladimir, TrotskysRevenge and others. Karpathos was chosen a member of the War Council four consecutive times from February through May 2006. He started the incredibly popular NPO Photobooth. During his time in NPO he fought in many wars, including the First Polar War, Citrus War, ICSN Debacle, Second Polar War, Warpstorm War, Great Patriotic War and Great War II.

Founders of the New Pacific Order
Karpathos · RedCommunist · Ivan Moldavi · Koona · TrotskysRevenge · Vladimir · Iosef · LordValentine · Dilber
Karpathos is the storm


Early history

Karpathos started out as a resident of the Greece region in NationStates. In Greece he would go on to become a vital asset to the defense of Greece.

Aleisyr, Karpathos, Moo, Dilber were all Lts in the People's Militia under Mussolandia in NationStates. After Mussolandia became senator Karpathos took command of the people's Militia. Eventually he would be appointed Minister of Mobilization in the People's Republic of the Pacific (PRP), the successor to Francos Spain's New Pacific Order.

War History

Karpathos's NPO War Ribbon Bar

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