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Karma War
Date April 20—July 19, 2009
Casus belli Growing worldwide tensions culminating in accusations of OV accepting stolen screenshots
Result Overall Karma victory
Preceded by
Eight Minute War
Succeeded by
Linked and Sub-Conflicts
FAN-1V War, Vox Populi Resistance Movement, Quickie War

The Karma War, originally the NPO-OV War, and alternatively known as Great War VI, was a global nuclear military conflict involving two groups of belligerents: the New Pacific Order, its allies, and those alliances which entered on the side of the NPO to honor treaties (collectively known as the Hegemony) on one side; and a coalition of alliances fighting the NPO and/or its allies, as well as alliances which entered the war in opposition to the NPO or its allies in order to honor treaties (collectively known as Karma). The war began on the night[1] of Monday April 20, 2009 when the NPO and The Order of Righteous Nations (TORN) attacked Ordo Verde. TORN withdrew from the war, but the conflict soon escalated when a number of alliances, most notably the Viridian Entente, Global Order of Darkness, Athens, and Ragnarok, declared war on the NPO the following night.

On July 19, 2009, the New Pacific Order surrendered to the collective forces of Karma.[2] While the Phoenix Federation and Avalon remained in active conflicts with Karma alliances until August 4, labelled the Phoenix Federation Resistance Movement, most people consider NPO's surrender to be the end of the war.

For a list of individuals who fought in the Karma War see: Category:Karma War veteran.

Events leading up to the war

Long before the possibility of war started solidifying, alliances that would eventually be in Karma announced a number of newly-signed pacts amongst themselves. An MADP bloc, unofficially known as Below, was formed on February 10 out of an agreement from the Viridian Entente (VE), Ordo Verde (OV), and the Global Order of Darkness (GOD).[3] Argent signed MDoAP pacts with Umbrella and Grämlins,[4][5] and signed a MDP with The Order of the Paradox (TOP), who was at the time a member of the Continuum.[6] FOK, at the time an ally of the NPO, also signed a MDoAP with the Mushroom Kingdom (MK).[7] The International (INT) formally aligned itself with the League of Extraordinary Oranges (LEO),[8] an MDoAP bloc that joined Karma, and a combination of three alliances (iFOK, Iunctus, and Seaworthy Liberian Cardboard Boxes) united under a MDoAP bloc on April 9 to form The Stickmen.[9]

Treaty cancellations

As a possibility of war against the NPO grew stronger, treaty cancellations were announced frequently in the weeks prior to the conflict. On March 23, Viridian Entente canceled its treaties with the NPO and the Grand Global Alliance after the Independent Republic of Orange Nations canceled its own treaty with VE.[10] Monos Archein soon after canceled its treaties with NPO and United Purple Nations on March 29.[11] On April 10, FOK and Ragnarok separately announced their intentions to cancel their treaties with the NPO.[12][13]

A week later, the Dark Evolution left the Watling Street Compact,[14] an MDP bloc headed by the NPO. Shortly after, The Order of Righteous Nations dropped their treaty with the League of Small Superpowers.[15] These two aforementioned alliances, TORN and LoSS, came to play a key role in the development of much of these cancellations. Sparta dropped their treaties with Valhalla and TORN on April 18;[16] GOD, the Random Insanity Alliance (RIA), FOK, and the R&R, followed Sparta's footsteps by canceling their respective treaties with TORN.[17][18][19][20] LoSS, on the other hand, withdrew from the Agora Accords,[21] and unilaterally dropped its treaties with The Phoenix Federation (TPF), the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance (MCXA), Zenith, Valhalla, Echelon, and the NPO.[22]

On different fronts, the Viridian Entente (VE) canceled their treaty with the MCXA on April 17.[23] Argent withdrew from SNOW, an economic treaty that contained non-aggression provisions and which included The Order of Light (TOOL), the Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics (FEAR), Nusantara Elite Warriors (NEW), Zenith, and TPF as members.

The Continuum

The Continuum, the largest and most influential MDoAP bloc and the bulk of the Hegemonic forces, began to shrink with the withdrawal of Grämlins on December 10, 2008, almost five months before the start of the conflict.[24] A few weeks later, on the 17th of January, FOK decided to follow Grämlins' lead and also stepped out of the Continuum.[25]

On April 18, Sparta announced that they intended to leave the Continuum.[26] The Order of the Paradox (TOP) and the Mostly Harmless Alliance (MHA) followed by announcing their own withdrawals from the Continuum just before the outbreak of the conflict.[27][28] The Continuum was thus left with seven out of its original twelve members on the brink of war. After the Karma War began, NATO withdrew on May 5 after being granted White Peace. The MCXA's membership has been temporarily shut down due to its surrender terms. on the 14th of May, with The Phoenix Federation, New Pacific Order and Independent Republic of Orange Nations still involved in the war. The Remaining Members of The Continuum decided to dissolve the power bloc.

The War begins

The war began about 20 minutes before server update time, on April 20, 2009, when nations from the New Pacific Order (NPO) and The Order of Righteous Nations (TORN) declared war, in-game, on nations from Ordo Verde (OV). TORN and NPO formally declared war on OV approximately 15 minutes after server update.[29][30] On the NPO declaration of war, Sethb, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for OV, was accused of accepting "a screenshot from the NPO private forum"; he was offered "one set of wars with no apology" by the NPO as an alternative to an alliance-wide war, but upon the rejection of these terms, the NPO declared war.[31] According to The Tattler, the series of accusations against OV that sparked the war were greater in scope; quoting from its April 19 issue, "TPF and TORN have accused Ordo Verde of a number of things: cooperation with Blackstone Collusion (BC), holding a treaty with BC, receiving screenshots of the NPO forum from BC, and knowingly accepting a BC member into their alliance. In particular, the two Ordo Verde members they are accusing of these “crimes” are MrDuffy [Minister of Internal Affairs of OV] and sethb."[32] Immediately following the declaration, the NPO was heavily criticized for allegedly declaring war in the middle of negotiations with OV, a claim that the NPO denied.[33]

Forty-eight minutes after server update time, Sparta announced the cancellation of their MDP with the NPO, pledging however to uphold the cancellation period specified in the treaty.[34] Sparta had already announced their withdrawal from the Continuum three days before. This treaty cancellation was followed by the dissolution of the Writ de Credo by the Order of the Black Rose (OBR), a document that established peace between OBR and various Karma-leaning and Hegemony-leaning alliances.[35] Shortly after, OBR signed an MDP with the Greenland Republic (GR).[36] However, OBR clarified their intentions, stating two days later that they would uphold the seven day cancellation period of the Writ.[37]

Later that same day, Fark announced the cancellation of its treaty with the NPO.[38] The Mostly Harmless Alliance (MHA) followed: they declared that they did not support the war, and suspended their treaties with TORN and the NPO (stating that the Agressive wars negated any defensive obligations, due to non-communication), announcing that they "will not be activating the Aggression portions of the those treaties [with the NPO and TORN], nor shall the Defense portions of those treaties be activated." In the same declaration, the MHA posted the list of treaties that they intended to honour in case of war.[39] The Orange Defense Network (ODN) followed a similar path as MHA's, by announcing their opposition to the war and listing the treaties which they had full intention to enforce.[40] These treaties included pacts with Vanguard, The International and R&R, and noticeably did not include ODN treaties with the Legion, IRON, Invicta, or GGA. Both MHA and ODN received criticism for effectively ignoring standing treaties.[41][42]

In the chaos and confusion of the first day of the war, Archon posted a thread attacking the NPO and TORN for their actions, arguing that they "took a path that speaks to arrogance and blind wrath," and boldly declaring that "[y]ou will pay for what you have done."[43] The name "Karma" for the side opposing the NPO was announced in this thread.

As the first day of fighting drew to an end, TORN announced the cancellation of its MADP with the NPO, and declared their intentions to withdraw from the war. TORN claimed that the NPO had unilaterally and without TORN's consent approached OV with a ceasefire agreement, and declared that "the conduct of NPO in this matter is to be condemned."[44] Just before new war declarations started to arise, the New Polar Order (NpO) announced that, "pending further investigations of the facts to hand", they would suspend all treaties and obligations with the NPO. However, the NpO remained clear that "[t]he Orders will never fight each other directly".[45]

April 21 peace negotiations

Before the end of the fight day of the NPO-OV conflict, peace negotiations were held between members of Ordo Verde, the New Pacific Order, and Karma. Representing OV: Dani_C, Triumvir. Representing the NPO: Moo-Cows (TrotskysRevenge), Emperor; Z'ha'dum, Cortath, and Mary the Fantabulous, Imperial Officers. Representing Karma: Delta1212, Triumvir of the Random Insanity Alliance (RIA); Archon, King of the Mushroom Kingdom (MK); Tygaland, Supreme Chancellor of the Siberian Tiger Alliance (STA); and Roquentin, Triumvir of Umbrella. In them, the NPO was offered surrender terms in order to avoid a greater conflict. The terms offered were the following:[46]

  • The NPO will issue a full, earnest, and sincere apology to Ordo Verde for their rash and unjustified declaration of war.
  • The NPO will admit that the casus belli used against Ordo Verde was trumped up and that the NPO over-reacted in an effort to provoke war.
  • The NPO will pay reparations to Ordo Verde at a rate of 300% the damages dealt. This includes econmic [sic] damage dealt as a result of being in peace mode. To ensure that these reparations are paid promptly, the NPO will suspend all tech deals for the duration of these terms.
  • In recognition of the tensions caused by the NPO's rash declaration of war, and to ensure peace is maintained, the NPO will hereby decomission [sic] their soldiers down to 20% per nation. They will furthermore decommission all CMs, Tanks, Navy, and Aircraft. They must maintain this state for a period of 60 days.

After much discussion and argumentation, NPO representatives were prepared to agree to the first three terms listed above, but rejected the fourth clause as "unacceptable." Following what was perceived by Karma to be furthered stalling, Archon threatened to put an end to the peace talks if the NPO did not agree to all terms "within the next minute."[47] Eventually, that timeline was informally extended to somewhat longer than a minute, during which time the Pacifican Emperor went offline (he later citing technical issues for his departure). The result was that Karma's demands were not met, and the peace negotiations were terminated without an agreement.

The NPO criticized the proceedings of the peace negotiations, claiming that "these entire negotiations were a farce."[48] In a response from Archon, Karma contended that the NPO "had only one thing in mind - belligerence," noting NPO nations fleeing into peace mode as the negotiations dragged on, a claim which NPO denies.[49]

The War becomes global

Between the night of Tuesday April 21 and the early morning of Wednesday April 22, a total of 12 alliances declared war on the New Pacific Order: the Greenland Republic (GR),[50] Athens,[51] R&R,[52] The International,[53] the Majestic Order of Orange Nations (MOON),[54] Orion,[55] Deck of International Card Experts (DICE),[56] Vanguard,[57] Avalanche,[58] the Global United Nations (GUN),[59] and, most notably, the Viridian Entente (VE)[60] and Ragnarok (RoK).[61] VE declared in defense of OV and RoK declared because of a MDoAP treaty between RoK and VE. FOK joined Karma later that day by joining their allies from the League of Extraordinary Oranges.[62]

Coalition of Cowards

As the declarations of war against the NPO flooded the CyberNations Forums (which, because of the sheer amount of activity, caused performance issues with the CN Forums), in a dramatic turn of events a total of eight alliances announced their intentions to cancel, with immediate effect, their respective MADP-level treaties with the NPO. These alliances were the Independent Republic of Orange Nations (IRON), the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance (MCXA), the Old Guard (OG), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the Grand Global Alliance (GGA), Valhalla, The Phoenix Federation, and Echelon. The first seven alliances jointly announced their treaty cancellations,[63] while Echelon made their treaty cancellation public a few minutes later.[64] These eight alliances were derisively referred to as the Coalition of Cowards.[65]

The "Coalition of Cowards" received heavy criticism, and were even described as "the first coalition to chicken out en masse."[66] Some even called for Karma to attack these alliances "on principle alone."[67] Surprisingly, the Federation of Armed Nations (FAN) declared war a few hours later on those alliances "that just flipped a !@#$%* on the NPO and ran away with their tails tucked between their legs."[68]

However many of those alliances have stated they dropped their treaties due to NPO's actions in the engagement, specifically the attempt to surrender without informing them or TORN, rather than dropping them in an attempt to escape the war. Many in the Hegemony feel this was vindicated by the fact that these alliances defended NPO shortly afterward anyway, despite the cancellations. At the same time, alliances that had moved to peace mode in the "Coalition of Cowards," such as Valhalla, could not have defended the NPO until they did.

An alternative explanation to the actions of at least some of the "Coalition of Cowards", holds that the cancellation of the various direct treaties tying the group to NPO was in fact a symbolic move, designed to express displeasure and disgust with NPO's handling of the Ordo Verde matter, particularly their actions of April 20. This is supported by the fact that The Möbius Accords were still in effect at the time and would have drawn IRON, TPF, Valhalla, MCXA and OG into the war regardless of actions taken on other treaties with NPO.

Moreover, the outrage expressed at the time over the actions of IRON, MCXA, OG, NATO, GGA, Valhalla, The Phoenix Federation, and Echelon came predominately from alliances and individual alliance members (some of whom had spent many months planning and preparing for a war against the Continuum (and specifically NPO), for a list of perceived slights, threats, and acts of aggression that had occurred over the previous two years. This alternative explanation holds that even the name "Coalition of Cowards", coined by Karma supporters, was in fact a propaganda device, designed both to goad NPO's reluctant allies into attacks that favored Karma and rally support for the Karma side of the war.

Hours after the numerous treaty cancellations, Echelon was the first of the Coalition of Cowards to defend NPO by declaring war on anybody at war with NPO.[69] Over the coming days, many of the remaining "Coalition of Cowards" alliances declared in support of NPO.

During the War

On the April 26, the Karma war reached a total of 134 alliances recognized as involved in the war. With the Hegemony having 43 alliances, with 1 alliance (TORN) having already surrendered and a second (Elysium) having merged back into The Phoenix Federation, and Karma having 91 Alliances, with 1 alliance (IOTA) who withdrew from the war due to MHA's policy to protect Pacifica from bandwagoners, 5% dropped by almost 2,000.

Just after update on the 27th of April, two more alliances with the Hegemony surrendered to Karma receiving white peace. These alliances are IRAN and UF. GRL reached a new high of 26.22.

On the 29th of April, alliances, mainly on the Hegemony side, had started opting for peace during the remainder of the war. The more notable alliances that got white peace were The Order of Light, United Purple Nations, Global Democratic Alliance and the Legion. GRL increased to 32.92.

On the 30th of April, the GRL again only rose slightly to 34.95. More alliance surrenders left Karma tripled on most stats in the war.

GRL reached 38.90 on May 3. SSSW18 surrenders as the first alliance to receive forced tech deals instead of the white peace, controversy ensues.

By May 7, the nation strength needed to be in the top 5% fell to approximately 56,000, a drop of roughly 10,000 since the start of the war. Many recent surrenders, mainly from Hegemony alliances, made the conflict effectively one-sided. With many NPO nations in anarchy, others retreat into the relative safety of peace mode. Only 11 alliances remain fighting for the Hegemony, with IRON and NPO being the only ones sanctioned. Karma continues to grow, with 106 alliances under its banner; their ranks include all sanctioned alliances not a part of the Hegemony as well as the Grämlins.

On May 10, the New Pacific Order's score continued to drop quickly compared to other alliances, losing the position as the highest-scored alliance to Sparta. The overall strength of the NPO falls to 10.6 Million, less than half of what it was prior to the war. GRL rose to 44.18.

On May 16, the GRL had jumped to 45.77. As IRON continues to make overtures to exit its numerous conflicts, defeat seems imminent for the Hegemony.

On May 17, a record GRL of 46.09 was reached, continuing to climb in subsequent days. Only six alliances remain on the Hegemony side.

On May 22, the GRL reached 47.37, passing Sparta's Alliance Score.

On May 24, IRON surrendered to Karma alliances, leaving NPO as the only remaining sanctioned alliance on the side of the Hegemony. Meanwhile, the GRL rose to 47.47.

By May 30, the GRL began a downward trend, hitting 34.46

On June 9, the GRL continued its downward trend, falling to 19.44.

On June 13, TrotskysRevenge announced that the Moldavi Doctrine had been rescinded and that "We acknowledge that we have been defeated in this war. We have been humbled and we have been forced to look at ourselves in a different light. Today we walk down a different path than that of yesterday; the rescinding of the Moldavi Doctrine is but one step in that direction." The GRL spiraled down to 15.05

By July 5, 76 days after it began, GRL was at 6.07 with Karma leadership still haggling surrender terms with the NPO. By July 16, 87 days after the war began, GRL finally fell to 4.97. And the war was not yet officially over.

On July 19, the NPO surrenders to the combined forces of Karma.[70]


These viewpoints do not represent the whole of CN and are only here to provide background thought onto the war. Any topics which may be biased to ethier side should be added below and not to the main sections of this article.

Karma Viewpoint

Karma is a coalition of various disparate alliances united more by their opposition to New Pacific Order and the pillars of the Hegemony than any real ideology or formal political ties. However, there is some general consensus amongst most members of Karma.

It is widely recognized by both sides that the NPO and its allies have dominated the game since the end of the Third Great War, when the Initiative decisively crushed the remnants of the League Of Extraordinary Alliances and CoaLUEtion. Since then, various wrongs have been perpetuated by the Hegemony, which by and large went unopposed due to an inability to hold them accountable either diplomatically or militarily. Among these injustices include the practices of curbstomping smaller alliances, “occupying” enemies, issuing exorbitant reparation demands, and the practice of EZI. Also, most Karma alliances oppose policies such as the Moldavi Doctrine, which they view as a form of color-based authoritarianism born out of arrogance rather than the benevolence that NPO claims it to be. Therefore, Karma views this war as a means to dispense justice upon the Hegemony for their prior misdeeds and to re-establish some semblance of accountability.

Karma also generally agrees on the causes of the war. It believes that the accusations of spying and cooperation with the Blackstone Collusion made a convenient excuse for the NPO to curbstomp Ordo Verde. The fact that NPO perhaps obtained this information through spying exacerbates the hypocrisy that Karma sees as inherent in the Hegemony power structure. But The Order of Righteous Nations' exit from the war and its subsequent denouncement of NPO's casus belli further strengthened the calls to defend OV and to oppose NPO on equal terms. The bloc of alliances that declared war upon NPO, which later became Karma proper, did so in order to show NPO and TORN that they would be held accountable for their actions. But instead of the expected declarations of war from other Hegemony members, many alliances severed military ties with NPO, forming what is now known as the Coward Coalition. Eventually, a massive daisy-chain of alliances came to the defense of OV, dwarfing Hegemony forces. This massive opposition to the NPO is perhaps the strongest proof Karma has for the injustices perpetuated by the NPO; in one day, the Continuum was divided and a war turned into what some have described as a crusade. Eventually, derision forced the Coward Coalition and their allies into supporting NPO, but by then, most of the world had been emboldened and allied against the Hegemony.

The Hegemony is widely viewed by Karma as unjust in their practices. However, whether or not Karma will or should continue these practices is impossible to determine. This is because Karma has no authority in and of itself; the Hegemony must surrender to the individual alliances that make up Karma, which will each issue demands at their own discretion. Such decentralization is what sets Karma apart from prior coalitions, and it has made it somewhat difficult to determine clearly how surrenders will be negotiated, especially for larger alliances with several opponents.

With the surrender of the Independent Republic of Orange Nations, NPO remains as the only sanctioned alliance on the Hegemony side. The Hegemony is already being spoken of in the past tense and both sides eagerly await news of surrender terms. The Hegemony claims that Karma will impose the very same crushing material and idealogical concessions that NPO had been accused of at the onset of the war (see Hegemony Viewpoint). Typically speaking though, Karma views much of this as propaganda, as most of its members are opposed to EZI. Still, it should be noted that Karma was not formed for benevolence, but to combat NPO and to punish them, with no limits concerning the extent of the punishment. In addition, Karma members have repeatedly stated that by no means are they obliged to treat NPO well. Indeed, to punish NPO with the very same cruelty it has inflicted in the past fits the concept of karma rather well.

Hegemony Viewpoint

For Hegemony, there has been a bloc acting in a manner like Karma for quite some time, and Hegemony believes that this informal alliance group has been fueling up tensions for a while, looking for the single mistake any nation of the Continuum and One Vision might make. The Ordo Verde spy incident was merely an excuse, a trap carefully set up for months in the implicit goal of putting an end to the peace that had prevailed over CN for quite a while.

It is beyond question that some people in Karma had a clear intention of bringing NPO down along with its last allies. Karma subtly influencing many alliances and nations to be prepared for the opportunity to bring down NPO and its allies.

As soon as NPO seemed vulnerable, all the NPO haters began to rise out of the shadows, bringing a whole bandwagoning with the culmination being TOP using OUT, an ODP bloc comprising alliances of both sides to enter the war, effectively privileging an ODP to several MDP and MDoAP they possessed.1

The Hegemony accepts that while spy operations are a part of the game, they are commonly accepted as a valid casus belli. Sitting by and watching your sensitive information be spied away is a strategic failure.

It is also argued that Karma are as bad as the opponents they fight, especially in relation to the surrender terms that were demanded of NPO, and with even harsher surrender terms being proposed on the OWF, including forced removal of members from the NPO and EZI for the Emperor and Imperial Officers. It is very possible that the NPO will find itself in a FAN style situation.

1 TOP also has more MD(oA)P's with the Karma side.

Global Shift of Power

Strength Changes After One Month
Alliances 4/20/09 5/20/09 NS Change %Change
New Pacific Order 22,848,932 8,508,893 -14,340,039 -62.8%
Independent Republic of Orange Nations 20,096,264 6,050,841 -14,045,423 -69.9%
Sparta 12,875,919 11,846,291 -1,029,628 -8.0%
Mostly Harmless Alliance 11,674,661 10,306,533 -1,368,128 -11.7%
The Order of the Paradox 12,567,816 12,572,612 +4,769 < 0.1%
Multicolored Cross-X Alliance 10,588,886 3,653,887 -6,934,999 -65.5%
Fark 10,138,133 7,410,264 -2,727,869 -26.9%
Orange Defense Network 9,078,832 8,289,222 -789,610 -8.7%
New Polar Order 9,037,126 9,311,118 +273,992 +3.0%
Ragnarok 8,305,203 6,311,519 -1,993,684 -24.0%
Viridian Entente 8,249,846 6,367,446 -1,882,400 -22.8%
The Order of Light 8,203,820 6,400,702 -1,803,118 -22.0%
FOK 7,951,077 7,220,820 -730,257 -9.2%
The Phoenix Federation 7,883,568 2,225,279 -5,658,289 -71.7%
The Grämlins 8,209,662 6,570,189 -1,639,473 -20.0%
The Democratic Order 6,333,011 7,153,514 +820,503 +13.0%
Green Protection Agency 6,952,357 7,352,816 +400,459 +5.8%
Grand Global Alliance 5,501,777 1,693,000 -3,808,777 -69.2%
The Legion 5,031,851 4,348,688 -683,163 -13.6%
Mushroom Kingdom 5,703,661 4,431,469 -1,272,192 -22.3%



  • NPO/TORN vs OV War Screenshot: Image
  • Athens vs NPO War Screenshot: Image
  • GGA vs Athens War Screenshot: Image
  • FARK vs IRON War Screenshot: Image

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