KarlMarx has been a member of CN since February 2006. He joined after reading about the game on the forums of a NationStates region. Since joining he has been a member of many leftist alliances being an early member of the ICSN, helping to found the ICP and subsequently becoming its chairman. He has also been a member of Legion/ODN before he wandered back to the SWP which was destroyed shortly after in Great War III. After wandering around for awhile he eventually became involved with the re-creation of the ICP which was quickly squashed by NoV. Sick of the cycle of creation-destruction that most leftist alliances got trapped in he decided to look for some stability.

He spent some time researching various alliances before joining the New Pacific Order and has not looked back since. At first he wanted to see what separated the NPO from the League and various leftist alliances he had been part of, but now that he has been a member for a number of months he has grown to enjoy the sense of community and purpose that drives the NPO ever onwards. He also enjoys the feeling of being in a “family of friends” as it was once put by Sir Donald R. Deamon, as well as the fact he feels welcomed, accepted and needed.

Positions HeldEdit

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