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Karelia is a Uralican county, based primarily on the former Russian Republic of the same name, but not on the whole historical region of Karelia, which also includes parts of Old Finland as well as the area surrounding Sankt-Peterburg. The capital is Petroskoi, a city known as Petrozavodsk until annexation and the changing of the name in accordance with a change made to the city's charter. The county was one of five new counties officially created on 15 November 2009.


Flag of Karelia.

The population is surprisingly mixed, with Finns being only a slight majority over Karelians and Russians. Also, Saami peoples live in the north and Livonians in the south, outside the area that was once the Republic of Karelia within two smaller districts that were claimed from the Karelian Isthmus near Sankt-Peterburg. In the southeast, those Livonians speaking Livvi (also called Olonets Karelian) centre around the large town of Aunus.

The flag of Karelia is one of many carry-overs from the corresponding Old Russian autonomous republics that are now part of Uralica.

People residing in the two districts of the Karelian Isthmus are called Isthmians in English, Перешеекецы (Pereshejeketsy, masc.)/Перешеекенки (Pereshejekenki, fem.) in Russian, and Kannakilaiset in Uralican Finnish. The name has become something of a source of regional pride.

Important Cities And Towns[]

  • Petroskoi (formerly Petrozavodsk)
  • Viipuri (formerly Vyborg)
  • Kondupohju (formerly Kondopoga)
  • Segezha
  • Kostamus (formerly Kostomuksha, Russ. Костомус)
  • Sortavala
  • Käkisalmi (formerly Priozersk)
  • Karhumägi (formerly Medvezhyegorsk)
  • Enso (formerly Svetogorsk)
  • Vienankemi (formerly Kem)
  • Pitkäranta (Russ. Pitkyaranta)
  • Sorokka (formerly Belomorsk)
  • Suojärvi (Russ. Suoyarvi)
  • Vojatsu (formerly Nadvoitsy)
  • Aunus (formerly Olonets)
  • Pudozh (Finn. Puudosi)
  • Lahdenpohju (Finn. Lahdenpohja, Russ. Лахденпохья)