Territorio de las Islas Canarias
Reichsland Kanarische Inseln
Territory of the Canary Islands
Autonomous Territory of Großgermania
Kanarische Inseln
Territorial Flag
Territorial Anthem
Capital Las Palmas
Official language German, Spanish
Demonym Canarian, Kanarische
Government Type
- Imperial Protector
Imperial Territory
Karl-Heinz Müller
Formation 12 December 2008
Time Zone UTC +1
The Territory of the Canary Islands (Spanish: Territorio de las Islas Canarias, German: Reichsland Kanarische Inseln), commonly known as the Kanarische Inseln, is an autonomous territory of Großgermania. Comprising seven islands off the coast of Africa, the Territory is a National Unionist semi-autonomous republic. It has as its executive officer an Imperial Protector (Reichsprotektor), currently Karl-Heinz Müller, appointed by the Emperor. Although the Territorial Assembly, the country's political body, has no ability to prevent the appointment of or to impeach the Imperial Protector, they may veto any decision made by him by a simple majority vote.

The Canary Islands were discovered by King Juba II of Numidia while on an economic voyage on behalf of the Roman Empire in the first century CE. Modern European settlement began with the Portuguese rediscovery of the islands in 1336, and the subsequent Castillian conquest of the islands in 1402. Spain retained the islands for most of their history, although a fierce independence movement remained active into the early twenty-first century. Germany, representing the Association of Germanic States, purchased the islands on 5 December, and, on 12 December, they were incorporated into Großgermania as an autonomous territory.

The official languages are German and Spanish, however the Government of the Kanarische Inseln has decreed that the Silbo language be protected from extinction and taught in educational institutions. The language, which is a form of whistled communication, is ancient in origin and has no written alphabet.

Fuerteventura is home to the Reichshutte, the official summer residence of the Emperor of Großgermania. Michael von Preußen also has a small private residence on Lanzarote, centered on a half-acre plot in an inactive volcano.

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