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This alliance merged to become part of the Purple Alliance of WIN.

Merger occurred on/around 14 June 07
Kaleidoscope was a short-lived alliance on Purple Trading Sphere, composed mostly of former Legion members dissatisfied with the lack of reform in the aftermath of the Third Great War.

The alliance was formed overnight on 5 May 2007. Although its government included three former Legion cabinet members (Atlashill, Vanshira, and _GunneR_), efforts to recruit went largely unsuccessful, as the membership count never rose higher than 14, thus leaving it prey to tech-raiding alliances who didn't recognize alliances smaller than 15 members.

Following nuclear rogues attacks on the Imperial Assault Alliance, who had agreed to protect Kaleidoscope until reaching 30 members, Kaleidoscope merged into the Purple Alliance of WIN on 14 June 2007. By month's end, however, the merger proved to be a reverse merger, as PAW's government at the time of the merger resigned membership and left leadership in the hands of former Kaleidoscope members.

Government operated out of offices in L-Town, Kansouri. Kaleidoscope's government structure attempted to initiate the Kansouri Merit Plan, a merit-based retention scheme aimed at identifying and routinely verifying, by popular vote, an alliance's most effective and hard-working leaders.

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