Kaiser Jurgen IV of The German Empire was the Son of Kaiser Jurgen I, and Father of Kaiser Frederick II. He Founded The New Prussian Reich, which he shared the same demise as his Father, Barbarossa. However, unlike his Father, and Grand Father, he did not die to to Assassins from GOONS, but rather from a backstabbing friend named Kaiser Martens.

The Kaiser was friends with Kaiser Martens for a long time, Kaiser Jurgen III knew Kaiser Martens as well, and all relations up till then were great friends with Kaiser Martens. The Tale of the Bitter Revenge, otherwise known as The Family Revenge. The Tale begins were Kaiser Jurgen IV was reigning in his Empire of The Prussian Reich, which soon became placed in Chaos by a one Mikhail, who then quickly joined Nordreich. Kaiser Jurgen IV soon Ordered for Mikhail's ZI, but Kaiser Martens chose to Defend Mikhail even though for his Rogue Actions. Kaiser Jurgen IV was shocked at these turn of events, Kaiser Martens even wrote to him stating: "There can only be one Reich, and one Kaiser." Kaiser Jurgen IV was soon placed under ZI from The Nordreich. The Family Revenge was basically, "An Eye for an Eye", hoping to Destroy Kaiser Martens Alliance which he Founded, and to have him Destroyed as well.

Kaiser Jurgen IV, like his Father and Alliance, all Perished. So did his Long time friend, Ebedron of Deneva. The Bloodline and Family seemed lost, but Fathered two Daughters and a Son who Escaped with his Wife into Neutral Holland, that Son being Kaiser Frederick II

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