Kaiser Jurgen III of Imperial Germany was also the Founder and Emperor of The Trade Federation. The Kaiser was born on May 20? 2006, being proclaimed Kaiser of Imperial Germany. Kaiser Jurgen III soon joined The Legion, but left after a couple Months, after having the desire to Found his own Alliance.

The Founding of The Trade Federation was a Success, he was part of Nordreich beforehand, but left due to Ideological Conflicts, he found Nordreich to be too Right Wing. His friend and Ally, Emperor Marxus IV joined him in the running of The Trade Federation.

After many Months, The Trade Federation ran into trouble, and the Kaiser Jurgen III and Emperor Marxus IV had many Fights and quarrels. Kaiser Jurgen III soon left and departed The Trade Federation. However, The Kaiser was not done. He then had a Coup of The Trade Federation's Government. He re-instated himself Emperor, and Banished Emperor Marxus IV from The Trade Federation.

Kaiser Jurgen III soon Signed the Merger Papers for The Trade Federation and Nordreich. That was of course done after a Majority Decision of the Senate of The Trade Federation. After the Merger was done, Kaiser Jurgen III left and departed both Alliances, in pursuit of personal understanding and contemplation of matters and politics within the Cyberverse.

Kaiser Jurgen III is the Father of Frederick Barbarossa of The Holy Roman Empire, who Fathered, Kaiser Jurgen I of The Austro-German Empire was the Father of Kaiser Jurgen IV of The German Empire, who in turn Fathered Kaiser Frederick II of The Prussian Reich. Making him the Great-Great-Great Grand Father of Kaiser Frederick II of The Prussian Reich.

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