Kaiser Jurgen I of Austro-German Empire[edit | edit source]

Born in 1894, Kaiser Jurgen I, Son of Frederick Barbarossa, and Father of Kaiser Jurgen IV was a Major in The German Armed Forces, led the German Calvary Charge at the Battle of Mons, and Marched his personal Force of The Prussian Guard through Paris. Born with German blood from his Father, Baron Werner Schoner from the Bavarian Province, and Austrian and Hungarian from his Mother's side, Countess Elisabeth Stummer from Austria. He was nominated a perfect candidate for the newly found Empire by the Prussian Junkers. In December 31 1912, Kaiser Jurgen I was pronounced Kaiser of the newly proclaimed Empire of Austro-Hungaria and The German Empire.

Kaiser Jurgen I in his Hungarian Palace.

Industrial Power[edit | edit source]

After his coming to power, Kaiser Jurgen I directed his Government to the creation of a Economic Super Power, rapid Economical growth was soon brought to the new European State, quickly surpassing the American Economy. It had the largest Exports and Imports in the world. Turkey soon benefited from German-Turkish Relations. On 1914, World War I broke out, German/Austrian/Hungarian Troops were sent quickly to the Russian and French Frontiers. After many years, Germany soon triumphed over its enemies. Germany extended itself in Russia, claiming most of present Ukraine, liberating the Baltic States form Russian yoke, and freeing Finland. As well as further expansion in France. All of Afrika belonged to The Austro-Hungarian State, and all Mid-East Colonies belonging to Britain and France was given to The Ottoman Turkey, as well as Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.

Death of The Kaiser[edit | edit source]

Being a Blood Relation of Frederick Barbarossa, he was a Enemy of GOONS, so when they sent Forth Assassins to kill him, they soon succeeded. The Kaiser was at a Banquet, and was Drinking some Wine, which so happened to be contaminated with Cyanide. The Kaiser soon died, and the Austro-German Empire soon collapsed. Also being a End of The Prussian Guard. Kaiser Jurgen I had a single son, that man being Kaiser Jurgen IV.

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