Tyyrinia was once a strong, well developed, nation, ruled by Kaiser Indie. The nation was created on march 19th 2006.

Kaiser Indie was a founding member of the alliance IEG (Imperial European Gaurd). The IEG was a small alliance (25 members) And stayed this way for most of its span in the Cybernations world. The IEG was run by a Triumvirate, of which Kaiser Indie was a member.

On October 24, IEG declared war on the ODC (Orange Defence Council). The war was declared as a response to a rogue attack of 3 former ODC members. The Rogue ODC members Attacked Kaiser Indie and 4 other IEG Members. ODC officialy supported the rogue attacks. ODC was a 43 nation strong alliance at the time of the war and the IEG was a 31 nation strong alliance. The war lasted for 4 days, in that time the IEG ZI'd the 5 ODC leaders with Kaiser Indie playing a specific role. On October 29, the IEG formally dispanded through a dispute in leaderhsip about the alliance's military structure with Kaiser Indie and others wanting a more aggresive alliance. On November 7, Kaiser Indie joined the alliance, Nordreich.

Throughout the Nordreich History, KI played important roles whithin the alliance. KI was a prominent member.

On March 12, Kaiser Indie formally left Nordreich due to the start of a corrupt government to join a smaller alliance with a higher power ratio. This smaller alliance was made up of several old IEG members. On March 24, Several members of the NoR leadership accused KI of spying, this was unjust and no proof was ever found. As a result of this, the nation of Tyrrinia was relentlessly attacked by NoR members. Kaiser Indie eventually left the game as a result of the ruins of Tyyrinia.

On 19 July 2008, Tyrinia was rebuilt. KI returned to the game and joined the Alliance of Strength And Honour. The new Tyyrinia was founded on the grounds of the old, with the new capital of Alranderate taking pride of place in Tyyrinias resurrection. The new Tyyrinia had a slow yet steady growth as old citizens flocked back to the new Nation. Kaiser Indie also re-established himself in the CN world and soon became the second in command of Strength and Honor. Soon after, SaH dispanded and split into two main alliances. Kaiser Indie moved to The Righteous Fist alliance.

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