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Kachkanar (Finn. Kaskanari) is a Uralican city in the northern parts of Southeast Uralica county, located at the end of Highway UH-6D. The next-closest major centre is the Lesnoy/Nizhnyaya Tura conurbation, to which there is a truck route leading from Kachkanar.

The city's industrial sector is very heavily based upon the mining and metallurgy of iron, with minor deposits of nickel, copper, cobalt, and tin in the immediate area as well. The production of mining equipment and other heavy machinery, production of concrete and concrete mixes, and general quarry work are also important.


Kachkanar's population is predominantly ethnic Russians, however there are also Bashkirs, Mari, and Finns in the city. Given how the city was only founded in 1957 and also how the city is largely industrial, there aren't a great many tourist spots in it, although there are a few movie theatres and a couple municipal parks, as well as recreational sport grounds.


Football (Soccer)[]


  • Gornyak Kachkanar


  • FK Kachkanar

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • Spartak Kachkanar
  • Dinamo Kachkanar
  • Torpedo Kachkanar
  • Energiya Kachkanar
  • Mashinostroitel Kachkanar
  • Tsementnik Kachkanar
  • Rapid Kachkanar
  • Transit Kachkanar
  • Finnsky Klub Kachkanar
  • Metallurg Kachkanar


  • Kachkanarsky RMS

Rugby Sevens[]

  • Kachkanar Kings

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Valerianovsk (subordinate town)