Killuminati Empire-GOONS War
Date February 15 2014 - February 24 2014
Casus belli Past grievances
Status GOONS Victory
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Killuminati Empire KE Flag

Other Nations Involved

MHA Small Flag Darkstorm777

NSO Neo Uruk


KE Flag Loki Laufeyson

Cngoonsflag Sardonic

1 nation, 685 strength 123 nations, 3,771,909 strength

The KE-GOONS War was fought between Loki Laufeyson's Killuminati Empire and the Goon Order of Oppression, Negligence, and Sadism. The Killuminati Empire also engaged nations ruled by Neo Uruk (also known as Rey the Great) of NSO and Darkstorm777 of MHA.

Background Edit

The tensions between GOONS and Loki Laufeyson began in early 2012 when Loki Laufeyson (under the ruler name GNC1700), then a member of GOONS, was allegedly mistreated by GOONS. He re-rolled as LexLuthor several months later, and built up his nation before launching rogue attacks against GOONS just prior to the Equilibrium War. Again, this was ended in his deletion.

He rerolled again as Loki Laufeyson, joining alliances such as Solis and House Baratheon. He began taking a radical stance in world affairs. He claimed that a revolution was necessary in order to bring down the larger alliances who bended CN to their will.

Outcome Edit

He declared war on GOONS yet again, forming an alliance known as the Killuminati Empire. He made an abortive attempt to surrender to GOONS via its Mercy Board. This failed when he refused to complete the terms given; a 16-panel MS Paint scene from Ghostbusters. He subsequently claimed that GOONS had changed the terms. Eventually, neither Loki nor GOONS were able to agree on any terms and Loki made plans to finish his tech deals and delete his nation.

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