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The Immortals
United Sovereign Nations

Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: 28 February 2009
Treaty Cancelled: 23 October 2009
Treaty Status: Cancelled

Treaty textEdit

MDoAP between The Immortals and United Sovereign Nations


By signing this document, all the signatory alliances agree to the articles stated below and enter into this agreement with full knowledge of its contents.

Article I: Article of Non-AggressionEdit

Neither signatory shall declare war upon each other nor shall they aid enemies of the other signatory financially or informatively.

Article II: Article of Mutual DefenseEdit

Both signatories agree to militarily and/or financially aid the other signatory in the event of a defensive war started by an alliance outside this treaty. Neither signatory is required to aid the other with military assistance in wars that are caused via an existing Mutual Defense Pacts with an alliance outside this treaty.

Article III: Intelligence & CommunicationEdit

Section 1. The signatories to this treaty agree not to conduct acts espionage upon the other signatory. Section 2. Should a signatory alliances come across intelligence that would expose a plot by a party hostile to either signatory, then it is their duty to hand over such evidence to ensure the peace and prosperity of the signatories.

Article IV: Optional AggressionEdit

The signatory alliances in this document agree that if the other signatory alliance declares an aggressive war with a third party, its encouraged but optional to help them with this aggressive war

Article V: Article of WithdrawalEdit

The signatories of this document do hereby agree seventy-two hours of notice must be given to the other signatory before this treaty is dissolved.

Signatures-The signatures below immediately enter this document as alliance law and materialize the good relations that exists between the alliances that have signed below. Once entered into law, it shall remain there until it is dissolved through the process detailed in Article VI.


Signed for the Immortals

  • Sarmatian Empire, Emperor
  • Wappas, Chief Officer

Signed for the United Sovereign Nations
Allaince Council

  • Cora Mcstrap
  • Sig
  • Desertfox

High Council

  • General Argent Doom
  • lewistothezor
  • Fronz
  • Jar Jar Binks
  • thedestro


  • KyotoWolf
  • Cracken_McLoch
  • Krim Xephon
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