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Minister of Interior

Life long R&R member who's nation was established on 11/20/2006 just 6 days after the formation of the R&R Alliance. juslen's roots come from the Americas Army R&R Forums, from which R&R originates from. In his long career, juslen has served as a Senator (before the new charter), Sec Of Interior, and Triumvir (after the new charter). Over 2 years experience in government, other achievement's include being an active recruiter, with over 70 recorded nations on record. He has experience in R&R as both a Trade Deputy, and Interior Deputy. Before reaching the first levels of government in R&R, juslen was also heavily involved in forum structuring, as well as influencing the very beginnings of R&R's first official charter and government. Famous for his long and frequent posts, juslen gained the reputation for "spam" which was actually in the form of alliance discussion topics, and not spam topics as many liked to claim. Even still, the nickname of juspam was established, a cross between spam + juslen, this name has stuck with him ever sense.

Often considered to be on his "high horse" juslen lays claim to over 13k forum posts (on the R&R forums), and is known for his tendency to be very outspoken over alliance matters, often stirring up issues internally in R&R. He is also active in IRC, and has had his hand in nearly every single area of the alliance, including forum administration, and writing the first written history of the alliance. Never one for warfare (self anarchy, anyone?), juslen has always been an active aid contributor, as well as a bank. Those who know him, either love him or hate* him, and only time will tell what direction he heads next. Stay tuned for more information in the future.

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