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Established 2/5/2010
(3,834 days old)
Ruler Julia Rose Vicious
Julia Rose Vicious
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Mostly Harmless Alliance
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Nation Team Aqua team Aqua
Native Resources Sugar Spices

Julia Rose Vicious is a Triumvir in the Mostly Harmless Alliance. She joined CN in February 2010.

Alliance history Edit

Julia's first alliance was the Circle of Icarus. She was just a regular member until the alliance disbanded July 17, 2010.

Mostly Harmless Alliance Edit

After TCI disbanded in July 2010 Julia joined MHA after reading the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the book that the Mostly Harmless Alliance is based on. She started hanging out in IRC getting to know everyone better. She was asked to be an Entertainment staff member, organizing games for MHA like poker tournaments with ingame CN prizes.

After a while she asked to help out more and was offered Lieutenant in the Military Department, Diplomat for the FA Department and Secretary of Nation Auditing for the Economics Department. She was later promoted to Secretary of Public Affairs and moved to Secretary of Trades. She thought she would try her hand at the Triumvir election in July 2011 and won against IYIyth.

She spent much of her first term as Triumvir focusing on internal issues such as member retention, the court system, the trade systems as well as the Umbrella treaty downgrade. Her second term was spent focusing on foreign affairs, treaties were signed with The Apparatus and Knights of Ni! as well as upgrading the existing MHA treaty with Pirates of the Parrot Order. Her third term as Triumvir was largely during the time of the C&G-MHA War and negotiating the peace treaty for the subconflict of the Grudge War. Her fourth term was focused on rebuilding MHA post-war as well as making changes internally, pushing for ghost busting, changing the existing academy system and restructuring the MHA military as well as the start of the Dave War. It was during the Dave War that Julia was re-elected for a fifth consecutive term.

Positions in MHA

  • Triumvir - July 2011 to Present
  • Deputy Minister of Towels
  • Secretary of Trades
  • Secretary of Public Relations
  • Secretary of Nation Auditing
  • Members of Entertainment (entertainment princess)
  • Lieutenant
  • Diplomat

War history Edit

Julia has fought in 3 global wars.

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