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Jukebox Hero was the leader of the nation of Brookstonia and other nations. Active leader and participant in all major political conflicts from early 2007 through ~2010.

Beginning of membership in the GGA through GW II[]

Approximately two months after founding his nation, he joined the Grand Global Alliance. From his time of joining, he pledged his military to helping destroy enemies of the GGA by attacking nearly everyone in his nation's range on the GGA target lists. This continued up through GW II, in which the military of Brookstonia fought valiantly and victoriously against many enemies.

End of GW II through GW III[]

Following GW II, he began rising through the ranks within the GGA, starting in the Ministry of Trade and Aid as a Deputy Minister of Trade and Aid under Keerius Khan. He quickly showed his hard work and effort, which paid off at the time of Keerius's retirement, with his appointment as the new Minister of Trade and Aid. With this new promotion came a surprise: the beginning of Great War III less than a week later. During GW III, due to the Minister of Defense and Intelligence disappearing, He was named acting MoDI and handled both aid and war command for the Grand Global Alliance.

This was followed by promotion to the rank of Triumvir, where he handled primary foreign relations with past and future allies.

Post GWIII[]

After subterfuge by other groups using another Triumvir and Elder Statesman within the alliance, he moved on to create his own alliance, Trikymia Dominion (later The Dominion after merging with CORE), under the protection of the New Polar Order. The NpO bowed to pressures from the GGA based on false accusations, leading to his exit and movement to a pseudonym due to being placed on a permanent ZI list by the New Pacific Order's puppet government in GGA.

During this time, he joined former political rivals, but actual friends, Mushroom Kingdom (a pseudo-revival of LUE). After spending a good period of time in this organization, he helped to found Vox Populi to help lead the revolution against NPO. This action landed him officially on the PZI list of Pacifica, leading to him moving further underground under other names and actions in a variety of alliances.

After years of activity, he departed into retirement due to stagnation in the global political scene.