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Juganvar (form. Nefteyugansk, Finn. Jukkanvari, Russ. Югангород, Hung. Júganvár) is a Uralican city, located in Yugra. It sits on the Yugan River, which is technically a braid of the Ob River, and is a largely residential community with a decent retail sector and much of the work coming from quarries and mines in the general area.

The name "Júganvár" is Hungarian for "Yugan fortress," and the city was renamed thus by the people of the city by referendum. Even the official Russian name was changed, reflecting the shift in the city's economy away from oil and gas (the "nefte-" prefix comes from the Russian word "neft'," meaning petroleum). A lengthy stretch of road that ends up in the major city of Tyumen' begins near Juganvar, and the part of it within Uralica is Highway UH-29. Obviously, Highway UH-1 also goes right through it.


Juganvar has taken strides towards getting rid of its reputation as a dangerous city, which came from a history of its mayors and other city officials being the victim of violent and often fatal attacks, both before and during the Robertian Era. Currently it boasts the second-largest population of Hungarians (after Surgut) and the third-largest proportion of Hungarians (after Tráty and Surgut) of any Uralican city. With the Hungarians came the Catholic Church, and there is a cathedral currently under construction. There is also a magnificent Orthodox cathedral in the downtown area, and a couple of museums, including one devoted to the old oil industry.


Football (Soccer)[]


  • Hungaria Juganvar


  • FK Juganvar
  • MTK Juganvar

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • Dinamo Juganvar
  • Spartak Juganvar
  • UralTek Juganvar
  • Metallurg Juganvar
  • Mashinostroitel Juganvar
  • Lokomotiv Juganvar
  • Zheleznik Juganvar
  • Vostok Juganvar
  • Juganvar Kickers
  • Yugan Juganvar
  • Bumazhnik Juganvar
  • Avtodor Juganvar
  • Transit Juganvar

Ice Hockey[]

  • Dinamo Juganvar


  • Yugangorodsky Bandyklub

Cross-Country Skiing[]

  • The Juganvar 5/4 - named for its length, which is Uralican standard length, 1.25 kilometres. Contains biathlon facilities, but these are only for use in races.

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Ust'-Balyk
  • Délijuganvar (Finn. Eteläjukkanvari)
  • Nyugatijuganvar (Finn. Länsijukkanvari)

There is also a small town nearby, Chesukino, but it is considered its own entity.