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Judicial Triumvir of Disparu
Triumvir judiciaire du Disparu
StyleThe Honourable
Term lengthFive years
Inaugural holderJack Chiron
Formation5 March 2009

The Judicial Triumvir of Disparu (French: Triumvir judiciaire du Disparu) was the head of the Judiciary. The Judicial Triumvir acted as the supreme judge of the Supreme Court. The first and last Judicial Triumvir was Jack Chiron, serving from Disparu's beginning to its fall.

The Judicial Triumvir was responsible for the management and moderation of the judiciary, the appointment of the Supreme Court's eight Puisne Judges, and for administering the oath of office of federal officials. The Judicial Triumvir was required to sign all major documents passed by the judicial branch.

The Judicial Triumvir was appointed by the Commons by a simple majority vote. The Constitution mandated that the Triumvir must not be a Member of Parliament or a Senator, or a member of or affiliated to political parties, movements or groups.

The Judicial Triumvir, along with his/her legislative and executive counterparts, formed the Royal Triumvirate, which took over the Chancellor's duties and responsibilities if the Chancellor was unavailable.

The position was abolished from the Government following the reformation of Disparu after the Second Quiet Revolution, though it has been succeeded by the Chief Justice.