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EliteCzar JtiksPies QdsucZsoc VIII, currently ruler of Vatican City. A largely prosperous nation that is mainly concerned with the flow of the planet going smoothly. Vatican City is currently in the Brain Alliance of the Maroon Team, and with pride. JtiksPies serves as the Minister of Economics and Finance (Brain Stem) in his alliance and serves it well, with a spice of ginger to top it off.

JtiksPies first came to power of the nation of Neorussiana in November 2008. He joined both the New Purple Power and IRON for short periods before turning pirate and tech raiding. This spree ended 87 days later after a disastrous attack with cut off supply lines. JtiksPies disappeared for a short while before resurfacing as the ruler of Tahiti. This nation lasted less than a week as the resources were a bad combo. A final nation of Vatican City was made in March 2009 where he still serves today.

Always looking for a spicy debate and quick to make tech deals. Look for this homely man out walking the streets near your house...or maybe just at his.

This is his home, so you can creep on him instead: [1]