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His Imperial Highness
Joseph Kensington
Joseph Kensington

In office
April 25, 2795 – January 17, 2807
Preceded by Jacqueline de Chambéry

Born October 17, 2762 (age 61)
Chanteau, NA, Vanivere
Political party Popular
Royal House Kensington
Spouse Adelaide Orwood
(m. 2786–89)
Madeleine I
(m. 2795–present)
Issue Jonathan Kensington
Residence Château de Théméricourt
Châtillon, Coruvel, Vanivere
Alma mater UNA Chanteau
Profession Engineer
Religion Protestant

Joseph Charles Kensington (born October 17, 2762) is the former Prince Consort of Vanivere, as he is the second husband of former Empress Madeleine I.


Joseph Kensington, or Joey Kensington, was born into the noble House of Kensington. The middle child of the three children of Charles and Bethany Kensington, Joey Kensington has an older brother, Lancelot "Lance" Kensington, and a younger sister, Rhonda Kensington. Joey is the father of one child: a son, Jonathan Kensington, who was born during his first marriage to Adelaide Orwood.

At current, Joey Kensington has four grandchildren: Princess Vanessa through his son, Jonathan; Princes Nicolas and Hayden through his stepson, Alexandre; and Prince Braeden through his stepdaughter, Alyse.

Other relatives include: his stepchildren, Alexandre, Alyse, and Henri d'Oléron-Vendôme; and his nieces Serena and Michelle Kensington.


Adelaide Orwood[]

Madeleine d'Oléron-Vendôme[]

Titles, styles, and honours[]

Titles and styles[]

Flag of Vanivere


  • Lord of the House of Kensington (October 17, 2762 - )
  • Heir Presumptive to the Dukedom of Chanteau (September 1, 2785 - September 1, 2808)
  • Prince Consort of Vanivere (April 25, 2795 - January 17, 2807)
  • Prince Consort to the Queen Mother (January 17, 2807 - )
  • His Highborn (October 17, 2762 - April 25, 2795)
  • His Imperial Highness (April 25, 2795 - )
Primary form of address
  • His Highborn Lord Joseph Kensington (October 17, 2762 - September 1, 2785)
  • His Highborn Lord Joseph Kensington, Heir Presumptive of Chanteau (September 1, 2785 - April 25, 2795)
  • His Imperial Highness Joseph, Prince Consort of Vanivere (April 25, 2795 - January 17, 2807)
  • His Imperial Highness Joseph, Prince Consort to the Queen Mother (January 17, 2807 - )


Vaniveran honours[]