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Joseph Emile-Rudolf of Marea Britanie
Head of State
Chancellor Joseph
His Royal Majesty Highest Chancellor Joseph Gabi Lucian Emile-Rudolf, by the Grace of God and the People, of Marea Britanie and of his other Realms and Territories Ruler, Defender, and Protector

Official Coat of Arms of Joseph Emile-Rudolf
Official Coat of Arms of Joseph Emile-Rudolf
Coronation 22 June 2010
Predecessor Gabriel Emil-Aurel Lucian
Heir-Apparent Emory Abel Laurentiu
Born December 12, 1984
Strelz-Liberté Ville, Ternortãrea
Full name
Joseph Gabi Lucian Emile-Rudolf
Signature Joseph Gabi Lucian Emile-Rudolf's signature
Religion Roman Catholic

Joseph Emile-Rudolf is the current High Chancellor of Marea Britanie.

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