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Jordan Salandster
Order of Kilnai

87th Councilor to the Wellecian Continental Alliance
Assumed office
14 February 2029
Deputy Eran Broflovski
Preceded by Eric Tanners - Salandster

Born 4 June 2014
Wellow-Stravinsky Oured, District 10, San Stravinsky
Political party Federal Democracy Party
Children Racis Jr.(adopted after second war of wellow)
Alma mater Underworld High
Religion Greekism

Jordan Salandster was born on March,31,2017. His parrents were Stanley Salandster(Xia)and Selene Slandster. At the age a week Xia had to leave. Selene married a man named Racis who beat Zera regularly. Stanley later took custody of Xia and sent him to live with his uncle. Zera was interested in mythology and fighting. His uncle taught him to use a knife and short after, a sword.

Early Life[]

Zera grew up pretty much like everyone else except he didn't get many visits from his father. Zera attended Underworld High until he was bought back to Xia. At this time war had broken out in San Stravinsky. Zera hastily jumped into the army at the age of 16 to fight.

Near the end of the war Zera met his stepfather in combat. He quickly killed the man despising him for beating him. At the end of the war as they were searching the house of the offending enemy's leader Zera came across a baby. No one would take the baby so Zera adopted him and named him Racis after the man he now regretted killing. After the War, he found that his father Stanley and his Uncle Nathan were missing and he couldn't find a place to live. He decided to go to his other Uncles, Presidents Kyle Salandster and Kenneth Salandster. There, Kyle taught him politics and the inner workings of government. Kenneth taught him how to control aircraft, jets, military vehicles and ect. He lived gratefully there with his cousins, John, Peeta, Caroline and Samantha Salandster, who were Kyle's children. Kenneth's wife was then pregnant. He left the country to pursue a life on his own in Europe.


Zera's family is relatively big with him being related to all gods and their children in some way or another. The people that played a role in Zera's life were his mother who made him good his stepfather who made Zera tough his father who taught him to care and his uncle who taught him to fight. Zera's adopted son Racis Jr.was killed at the age of 10 by assassins.