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His Ducal Serene Highness
Jonathan Kensington
Jonathan Kensington

Duke of Chanteau
Assumed office
September 1, 2808
Preceded by Charles Kensington

Born February 22, 2787 (age 37)
Chanteau, NA, Vanivere
Political party Popular
Royal House Kensington
Spouse Emma de la Martinière
(m. 2808–present)
Issue Vanessa Kensington
Residence Kensington Castle
Chanteau, Alraine, Vanivere
Alma mater UA Chanteau
Profession Actor, Architect
Religion Protestant

Prince Jonathan, Duke of Chanteau (born Jonathan Eric Kensington; February 22, 2787) is the only child of Joseph Kensington. When his grandfather, Charles Kensington, stepped down as the reigning Duke of Chanteau, his father was next in line to succeed him. Rather than becoming the next duke, Joseph passed the position down to his son. On September 1, 2808, Jonathan Kensington succeeded his grandfather as the new duke.

Prior to becoming Duke of Chanteau, Jonathan and his family lived in Châtillon, preferring to live close to his stepbrothers and stepsister. Upon his succession, however, Jonathan moved back to his birthplace. Today, Jonathan and his family reside in Kensington Castle in the countryside near Chanteau.


Jonathan Kensington was born into the noble House of Kensington. The only child of Joseph Kensington and Adelaide Orwood Kensington, Jonathan was raised in his ancestral home in Chanteau, Vanivere. But at the age of two, his parents divorced and he and his mother moved to Matignon. Living in Matignon for the next sixteen years, Jonathan moved back to Chanteau to attend UA Chanteau. It was here he would meet his future wife, Emma de la Martinière.

With his wife, Emma, Jonathan is the father of a baby girl, Vanessa Emma-Beth Kensington.

Jonathan has one biological sibling, a maternal half-sister, Julie Orwood. He also has three stepsiblings: Alexandre d'Oléron-Vendôme, Alyse d'Oléron-Vendôme et Atwood, and Henri d'Oléron-Vendôme. Through these siblings, Jonathan is the uncle to three children: Nicolas and Hayden d'Oléron-Vendôme through Alexandre; and Braeden Atwood through Alyse.


Emma de la Martinière[]

Titles, styles, and honours[]

Titles and styles[]

Flag of Vanivere


  • Lord of the House of Kensington (February 22, 2787 - )
  • Prince of Vanivere (April 25, 2795 - )
  • Duke of Chanteau (September 1, 2808 - )
  • His Highborn (February 22, 2787 - April 25, 2795)
  • His Highness (April 25, 2795 - September 1, 2808)
  • His Ducal Serene Highness (September 1, 2808 - )
Primary form of address
  • His Highborn Lord Jonathan Kensington (February 22, 2787 - April 25, 2795)
  • His Highness Prince Jonathan of Vanivere (April 25, 2795 - September 1, 2808)
  • His Ducal Serene Highness Prince Jonathan, Duke of Chanteau (September 1, 2808 - )