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Jon The Warlord is the ruler of the Nation of Samutana. He is considered a man dedicated to Truth and Justice above all else. He is truly a man of great vision and wisdom.

A man of many titles, among which reside: Prince of Night, Lord of Chaos, True Defender of Justice, and Dai Shan a'Mordero. A founder of a noble house, and he didn't start out as a ruler. More a son of a common man, but he joined his country's army, and worked his way up the ranks, and was granted an estate, founding his own house. At the old kings death, he managed to gather enough support to take the throne.


Samutana is a fast growing nation, that is technologically advanced. It's flag is a red hawk holding a katana on a field of black. A flag that strikes fear into the hearts of it's enemies. When they see it marching at the head of an army, they piss and shit their pants and run away. And no mercy to those few brave soldiers that stand and fight. An early grave is all they get. A proud member of the R&R, and it's tech deputy. Long he has fought for the R&R, and often charges in at the front of any war. He lives for the R&R, his first goal is always how he can make it more widely known.