His Excellency
John Warbuck
John Warbuck Photo

High Chancellor Warbuck in May of 2009.

High Chancellor of New Aligned States
Preceded by None position created.
Succeeded by Incumbent

Born March 8, 1983
Chicago, Illinois
Political party The Beer Party(Leader)(Majority)
Religion Agnostic

John Warbuck is the first and current leader of New Aligned States. He is the elected High Chancellor of NAS and the leader of his party- The Beer Party, which also holds majority in both the Parliament and Senate as well. He currently has no spouse although, he is very popular with the ladies. He current has no children. John Warbuck continues to serve as the nation's dignified leader always ending with this phrase, which has become the nation's motto: "Drink like there is no tomorrow!"

The Beginning

John Warbuck 1

The only known photo of John Warbuck before the rebellion.

John Warbuck was born and grew up in Chicago, Illinois, USA in a modern middle class family. He was born to loving and caring parents named, Kristina Warbuck, a school teacher and Adam Warbuck, a scientist. He had one sibling, Francis Warbuck, who died during the Beertopian struggle for independence.

John Warbuck was an intelligent child but was the typical underachiever. However, as history shows, even the underachiever can become great. Although he graduated High School, he never attended college leading him to become a bartender as soon as he hit the age of 18. As a bartender, he developed a deep appreciation for beer, and viewed it as the solution to just about anything.

John Warbuck met and fell in love with Victoria Goldstein, who he proposed marriage to. But tragedy struck when his fiance at the time was gundowned in the middle of crossfire by US Federal Agents trying to take down an "agent of corruption" who supposedly called the President a whore. She was gundowned in 2004 leading to Warbuck leading Illinois's movement to break from the United States, which had become corrupt and full of tyranny.

Leader of the Rebellion

Rebellion Rally

The First Beertopian Rebellion Rally.

In the Spring of 2005, John Warbuck began his rebellion against the United States Government. His movement was called The Beertopian Movement, and was not taken seriously at first. John Warbuck had purposefully created the movement under this name so that the government would underestimate him long enough for him to gain support. When the rebellion began to take hold throughout all of Illinois, many came to support his cause, recognizing the fact that the United States was no longer the nation it's forefathers intended it to be. With support of former high ranking US Military officers and politicians as high as the State Senate and the Senators in the US government for Illinois, John Warbuck was on his way to leadership of a new nation. The United States thought of John Warbuck as a joke but he began to gain support from Canada and Germany, who supplied aid. For months John Warbuck met with the people, and eventually, the State of Illinois declared their secession from the Union, as well as their Sovereignty as Beertopia.

Batlle of the Barn

John Warbuck Statue

The statue that sits in the center of NAS as a memorial to John Warbuck and his mighty sledgehammer.

By May of 2005, when the United States realised that John Warbuck, and the Beertopian Movement was more than a mere joke, it was too late. The Beertopians began to overthrow local governments but John Warbuck was not satisfied, and he spread his influence throughout Illinois, leading to their aforementioned secession from the Union. The President of the United States, John McCain, unwilling to let the United States begin to lose states, declared that "the only way the people of the State of Illinois are leaving the Union is in body bags."

But that would not stop John Warbuck. Despite many unsuccessful skirmishes, including one that resulting in the death of his only brother, Francis Warbuck, he continued the rebellion, often resorting to guerrilla tactics. The death of Francis hit John Warbuck very hard, but he kept moving forward with his movement. However, he needed a victory to raise the morale of his people, who were beginning to starve despite the aid they received from Canada and Germany, and a cold winter was approaching.

In October of 2005, the United States military had pushed John Warbuck's forced back to a town called Decatur, where he would make a four day stand. Running low on ammunition, and suffering from low morale, the Beertopian forces were forced back to a barn, which gave the Battle of the Barn it's famous name. Germany sent air support to aid John Warbuck's forces, but it would not be enough. His men were tired and starving and beginning to lose faith. It was then that he found the sledgehammer on the side of the barn.

John Warbuck proceeded to bludgeon over 150 of the Union's soldiers to death single-handedly, which resulted in the advancement of his forces and the withdrawl of the United States' military from the fight. John Warbuck held the hammer high at the end of the battle to shouts of "You can't stop the hammer! Hail to the Hammer!" which would be remembered forever in the new nation's national anthem. The hammer itself is on display in the NAS national museum, and a statue was erected on the spot where he held it after the battle.

The United States finally withdrew from the conflict, as they had to deal with declarations of war from China and Mexico, who felt that the United States had shown their empirical and corrupt nature through their bullying of Beertopia, and John Warbuck found himself at the head of a new nation.

World War III

When Beertopia was just in its first years, not many nations were happy, the formerly United States, along with its allies, the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, Italy and China soon retaliated, forcing John Warbuck to take his newly formed nation and its citizens underground knowing that this war would be nuclear, and it was. World War III continued while they remained underground and the fallout eventually cleared.

New Aligned States

NAS Capitol Hill

A crowd gathers in celebration as the New Aligned States is formed.

With the dust settling from the fallout, John Warbuck decided to form a new consitution and a new goernment found on Republic and Monarch principles, forming what is known today as the New Aligned States. The consitution and its documents were formed and signed creating the nation on that day of August 25th, 2008 at 3:48 pm.

The Democratic Order

The next day, on August 26th, of 2008, John Warbuck had the NAS join The Democratic Order in its prosperity and hopes of peace and justice. And John Warbuck quickly rose throughout the ranks of TDO, becoming a Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, where the Master List was fixed and up to date.

Upon seeing this acheivement he was Deputised as a Minister of Membership Orientation as well upon being noticed for his instant accomplishments, within the week he was given the honor, no other person to this date to accomplish in such a time, of becoming a Low Senator of The Democratic Order, the very next week he also became Minister of Membership Orientation.

Low Senator and Minister

Upon becoming a Low Senator and Minister of Membership Orientation, John Warbuck knew he had work to do. He took the entire MoMO and started from scratch creating a new Mentoring Department, upon that he became a Co-MoF (Minister of Finanace) and with help of MoMO were able to give new nations their money and aid much more quickly. He then created the AGP, which is an Advanced Growth Program for nations that the senate approves and that is what led to getting TDO its sanction.

Within time John Warbuck redesigned the TDO Nation School, and wrote a majority of its guidelines in the new school. After time of watching all his accomplishments grow, John Warbuck was suddenly awarded the Democratic Badge of Honour.


John Warbuck continues to watch his Ministries accomplish everything he created to a great success, but now begins to move upon other things. A of now John Warbuck begins to write his memoirs for the MoMO as he plans to resign and run at a possible attempt at a position to become the next Minister of Defense.

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