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National Flag

National Flag
Capital City Bastochester
Established 6/15/2006
(5,488 days old)
Government Type Revolutionary Government.png Revolutionary Government
Ruler John Edward
Alliance New Pacific Order
New Pacific Order
AllianceStats.gifIcon rankings.pngWorld.pngIcon war.pngIcon aid.pngIcon spy.png
Npolosticon.pngNpoisolationicon.pngNporedemptionicon.pngEra of Boldness.png
Nation Team Team: Red (since 6/15/2006) Red
Religion Christianity Christianity
Currency Euro Euro
Native Resources Fish.GIF Water.GIF

John Edward was recruited to Cyber Nations from Nation States on June 15, 2006 by Mussolandia. John Edward knew Mussolandia from Gatesville in NationStates. Mussolandia was already a member of the New Pacific Order and so John Edward followed suit and joined immediately. From there he entered the Academy, a brand new organization in the NPO.

John Edwards has a strong nation that has faced many trials but has always rebounded. He has stated that his nation is always ready for whatever is thrown at it. If someone attacks he’ll kill them, if someone needs aid he’ll send out aid.

Always the best for the Order.

New Pacific Order[edit | edit source]

Halfway through his time at the Academy the Great Patriotic War broke out and John Edward was thrust from the Academy straight into Beta battalion. There he quickly learned the joys of war, fighting several GATO nations as well as nations from other alliances, battling at most three at one time. This set the foundation for John Edward in upcoming wars.

Positions Held, Past and Present[edit | edit source]

Bank Executive[edit | edit source]

John Edward is currently a bank executive in charge of battalion banking. He was recruited to the Pacific Bank by Frawley, his mentor. He enjoys his job in the bank, largely because of the people he works with. Some of the most influential people to him are leaders in the bank, including Millionario, Letum, and Jasmine. He gained significant experience in the planning and predicting of Bank and Alliance capabilities post-Armageddon War. He is a recipient of the Banking Star (2nd class honors). He plans to keep growing in Cybernations, working for the bank in order to do his best for the alliance.


Disc Jockey[edit | edit source]

Until the beginning of June 2010, John Edward served as a disc jockey on Radio Free Pacifica. His show was called The Arrow and played mostly rock, heavy rock, or metal, with some alternative, rap, and classical thrown in. For his efforts in the Media Corps, he received the Media Excellence Award.


Time in the Diplomatic Corps (07-09)[edit | edit source]

Ambassador to:

Special Envoy:

  • Aqua/Pink - White/Multicolor: November 30, 2007
  • SF/CDT, Maroon, Brown and Pink: October 21, 2008 to November 18, 2008

War History[edit | edit source]

John Edward has fought in the following wars.

In these wars the nation of Ardenchestia:

  • Lost 201,521 Soldiers on Offensive Fronts
  • Lost 172,477 Solders on Defensive Fronts
  • Launched 5 Nuclear Warheads on Enemies
  • Received 4 Nuclear Warheads from Enemies
  • Destroyed 1 Nuclear Warhead
John Edward's NPO War Ribbon Bar

GW1.jpg · Pinkcampainfinalbx2.gif · GW3.png · ONOS.jpg
FAN.jpg · RED.png · FAN2.png · Gpawar2.jpg
Wolfpackevenpinkercopy.jpg · GATO.png

Wars Participated in as a Banker[edit | edit source]

John Edward served as a banker for the following wars, staying in peace mode in order to provide aid at the end of the war.


Awards[edit | edit source]

Award Date Received Name Description
Banking under Fire Badge This award is for Agents in the Banking Division whom during a war fought and continued to help other nations through aid and guidance. June 26, 2011
The Banking Star (2nd Class Honours) TBD unknown
Media Excellence Award TBD unknown
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