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President of the Republic
John Carrelson

3rd President of the Deltoran Republic
In office
January 20, 2009 – January 20, 2011
Vice President(s)   Nif Hanstrah
Preceded by Fernado Hill
Succeeded by Roger Johnson

Born 15 March 1935
Kansas City,DR
Died 10 Febuary 2011
Perryville, DR
Nationality 25px Deltoran
Constituency 25px Deltoran
Political party People's
Spouse Mary Carrelson
Children Nathon Carrelson
Residence St.Louis, DR
Profession Soldier
Religion Catholic

John Carrelson(1935-2011) was the 3rd President of the Deltoran Republic. He obtained office after the Deltoran Elections, 2008, and lost office after the Carrelson Coup, a revolution by protesters against Carrelson during the Imperial Era of the DR. Roger Johnson succeded Carrelson immedentaly after he lost office.

During his term, Carrelson ignored the Assembly and the Constituation and declared war on several weaker nations on the border of the country. Several of the countries were completly destroyed and occupied by the DR. After the war with the United States of Kansas (where Kansaneanes experirenced massive bombings and a invasion by the Deltoran military) ended, many civilains and soldiers revolted against the Carrelson Administration. The Carrelson Administration ended in early 2011, and Roger Johnson took Presidency, and restored soverignity to many countries occupied by the DR military (many of which dissolved back in to the DR due to internal revolts and econmic depressions). The Assembly immedenly paid repreations to the countries and ordered Carrelson to be put to death for Crimes against humanity. Carrelson then commited sucide in Kansas City.

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