The Honorable
Johann Haupsmann
of the Prussian Empire

Assumed office
15 June 2011
Preceded by Xavier M. Pitag
Succeeded by Incumbent

Deputy-Minister of Executive and Foreign Affairs of Prussia
In office
April 01, 2009 – June 15, 2011
Preceded by Position Established
Succeeded by TBA

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tenarra
In office
May 09, 1984 – 3 June, 2008
Preceded by Ute Mehr
Succeeded by Position Disestablished

Born 06/22/1953
Germany Berlin, Germany
Nationality Prussian
Political party MonarchistFaction Monarchist Faction
Residence The Palace of Quarthe

Johann Haupsmann (b. June 22, 1953) is the incumbent Secretary-General of the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact. He was selected by the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact Council for this position on June 15, 2011, after former Secretary-General Xavier M. Pitag's term ran to an end.

Haupsmann was born in 1953 in Germany, prior to the formation of Tenarra after the Swiss Civil War. Growing up in Berlin, he moved to Quarthe after secondary education in order to study International Relations at the Royal Tenarran Institute for Political Science and International Relations. He received his Ph.D from the Royal Tenarran Military Academy, graduating at the same time as Alfred von Schliefen.

After his graduation, Haupsmann received a job offer from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tenarra, where he worked in the bureaucracy for 9 years before becoming Minister in 1984. He would serve in that job until the beginning of the Tenarran Civil War in 2008.

During the Civil War, Haupsmann first supported the Loyalist Faction in attempting to restore the Kingdom, but would upon its creation join the Imperialist Faction which was led by von Schliefen, a personal friend of his. He played an important role in legitimizing the idea of the Prussian Empire throughout the world, meeting with leaders of several important nations (such as Russia and Turkey) who had previously been allies to the Tenarran government. He was massively successful, and upon the end of the Civil War Prussia was able to form without much question internationally.

Since the position of Minister of Executive and Foreign Affairs of the Dominion was taken automatically by von Schliefen, Haupsmann was appointed as Deputy-Minister and given near full autonomy over the management of the department. He served in this position until his election to the position of Secretary-General of STOP on June 15, 2011.

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