Eat Cheese! Don't eat Penguins!
Formation 25 January 2006
Capital Jimmington
Official Languages English, Spanish
Government Totalitarian State
Alliance Member New Polar Order
National Strength 6,126.274
World Ranking Highest Ever: 15th
Currently: 2,299th.
 • Total

734.982 mile diameter
 • Civilians
 • Military

10,769 Citizens
3,280 Soldiers
Currency Euro
 • Connected
Aluminium, Coal, Furs, Gems, Gold, Lead, Lumber, Marble, Silver, Uranium, Water, Wine

Introduction Edit

The nation of Jimmin is located in the Falkland Islands (Off the coast of Argentina), with the capital, Jimmington, being on the Western Island. It is a member nation of the New Polar Order. Jimmin has recently declined a bit, and done bugger all. But it's still here, and old, so that's got to count for something.

General History Edit

Jimmin was originally founded by BeagonBoy, when got bored of NationStates. It's had it's various ups and downs, but still exists today.

Military History Edit

Witnessed every war except the GATO-INC War one.

Geographic Prominence Edit

Jimmin is extremely big. So big that I can't be bothered getting a picture to replace the old map.

Social History Edit

Jimmin has entered various sports leagues and tournaments. These include Baseball (Jimminese Penguins), Soccer (Jimmington Athletic), Rugby League (Jimmington Athletic), and Hockey (Jimmington Penguins). Jimminese teams have always performed quite well in these tournaments.