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jftsang is the founder and King of Socialitaria. He is also a member of the government of SSSW18, being at a Senator and formerly the Minister of Internal Affairs.


He joined the alliance SSSW18 after a period of independence when his first alliance, the Confederation of Rogue Nations, was disbanded due to war. He joined SSSW18 on 9 May 2008, a year and a day after he founded and became King of Socialitaria.


The King fights for his people, and whenever Socialitaria is at war he himself leads the Royal Army in the front line, leading the charge on horseback. He fights whenever there is war, from the smallest tech raid either by or against Socialitaria, to the spectacular and glorious destruction of an enemy nation.

He currently holds medals and honours of the highest order for his bravery and prowess on the front line.

Government and Politics[]

Socialitaria is a senatorial monarchy, and as such the King is not supposed to have political power, but often he has defied this and dissolved the Senate. His relationship with the Chancellors and ministers are often tense, and are the subject of satire.