Jew York
Capital City Jew York
Alliance New Pacific Order (NPO)
  • Ruler
Number of Tanks 0
Number of Soldiers 204
Infrastructure ~9
Technology ~.05
National Tax Rate 20.00%
Literacy Rate ~27%
Currency Francs


Jew York was founded by a large group of ethnic, cultural, and religious Jews, all of whom were on the far left of the political spectrum. Many were communists or socialists while a significant minority were anarchists. Committed to social justice, they founded a nation upon these principles, with a high-quality universal healthcare system, moderately high taxes, and an outstanding public education system.

The Lechoofan WarEdit

Only days after its declaration of independence and statehood, the newly-declared nation of Lechoofa declared war on Jew York and made its first attack shortly thereafter. Lechoofan troops were soundly defeated by the Jew Yorkers. Jew York quickly responded with two attacks the following day, and, upon allowing its troops a rest, two more the day after, all of which were victories. Soon after, Lechoofa made another failed attack, which Jew York responded to with another two attacks, the first of which failed, while the latter was a success. The war continues today.

On the third day of the war, Jew York made an appeal to Afslavistakista, a trade partner and friendly nation, for aid. Afslavistakista responded by giving around 5,000 francs and over 100 soldiers to Jew York. Afslavistakista had also recommended joining the NPO, and Jew York made a request to do so.

One or two days previous to this aid, another nation, on the Brown Team made a declaration of war on Lechoofa, unbeknowst to Jew York. This was only descovered four days after the fact.

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