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Jernan Civil War
Detailed map of southern Republic of Jerna
Date 13 April - 12 May 2015 1
Location Republic of Jerna
Cause Military coup d’état
Result Arrnea Loyalist victory
Military junta overthrown
Flag of the Republic of Jerna Arrnea Loyalists
ScanFed ScanFederation
SicilianAllianceFlag Sicilian Alliance
Flag of Großgermania Großgermania
Flag of the Republic of Jerna People's Armed Forces
PSPRJFLag Arrnea
PSPRJFLag Siegfried Schwarzwind
PresidentialGuardFlag Frank Mustang
ScanFed Auel Firestorm
SicilianAllianceFlag Luciano Zito
Flag of Großgermania Günter Kehrer
Flag of the Republic of Jerna Jacob Kinsey
Flag of the Republic of Jerna Alexander Munro
Flag of the Republic of Jerna William Highgate
Arrnea Loyalists
3 aircraft carriers
2 submarines
5 frigates
1 Avalon ACV
16 Battle Suits
120 aircraft
5,000 personnel
400 tanks
1 submarine aircraft carrier
Sicilian Alliance
7,000 personnel
300 tanks
100 aircraft
14,400 personnel
560 tanks
96 aircraft

~38,000 total personnel
People's Armed Forces
2 aircraft carriers
3 submarines
5 destroyers
6,300 tanks
900 aircraft
~51,000 active personnel
~40,000 reserve personnel

~91,000 total personnel
Casualties and losses
1,414 killed

1,414 total casualties
5,310 killed
~60,000 captured
26,559 deserted

~91,000 total casualties
1 Using the Jernan Calendar Sysytem; foreign nations involved in the war mark the year as 2009.

The Jernan Civil War was a military conflict between various elements of the Government of the Republic of Jerna and the People's Armed Forces. It was sparked by a coup d'état by the head officers of the three principal branches of the People's Armed Forces.

Several nations pledged their support to the cause of Arrnea, and supplied military and diplomatic support to his quest to defeat the military junta currently ruling the majority of the Republic of Jerna. The Sicilian Alliance was the first nation to pledge military support, and pledged 7,000 troops, many of whom arrived in the Republic on 19 April. The Dominion of ScanFederation sent a submarine aircraft carrier to Southport on 18 April, reinforced with troops the next day. The People's Empire of Großgermania was the first nation to pledge diplomatic support for Arrnea, and upgraded that to military support with a declaration of war on 18 April, and the landing of military troops two days later. The war was ended on the 12th of May, when forces loyal to Arrnea entered Jerna City, capturing the three generals that formed the military junta that was responsible for the coup d'état.

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