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Personal History[]

Born into a rigid genetics program, Jerek Draconis was marked at birth to be governing material. Trained from the time he was four to hold and fire a weapon, he found solace in the simplicity of his life. Having developed a "friend first, enemies second, self last" mentality, he excelled in the Draconis Military Academy. Jerek saw front-line command military action in four Draconis campaigns before eventually taking a more strategic planning role, a role which he rues to this day but understands its importance to his nation and people.

Roughly twenty years after being hatched, Jerek Draconis preformed a nearly-bloodless coup of his older brother, Ymir Draconis. Overnight, Jerek became the Supreme Commander of the Empire of the Aesir and set about using his newfound power to restore the rights of the people which his brother had so violently denied them. He then changed his name to Jerek Kyr, as it is to this day.

Military Career[]

Only a few months after joining the New Sith Order, Jerek became a Battalion Lieutenant. Less than two weeks later, he was made a Battalion Commander, and roughly a month later, he attained the rank of Sith Marauder. He ascended to the rank of Master Sith Marauder of the Council of Aggressive Negotiations in the first half of the Second Unjust War, a title he held until his regrettable and temporary hiatus six months later.

Fought in[]

Additional Battles[]

  • Empire of the Aesir - Gairn Skirmish
  • Empire of the Aesir - Northlands Skirmish