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Jayston (Nordreich) Flag

Jayston (Nordreich) Flag
Imperial Coat Of Arms of Jayston
Imperial Coat Of Arms
"Nothing Without Great Effort"
National Anthem
None At The Moment
Capital City Synex
Official Language(s) English, Spanish, German
Demonym Jaystonian, Jaystonic
Established 7/31/2010
(5,106 days old)
Government Type Communist Communist
Ruler Issacs
Alliance Nordreich (2009–)
Nordreich (2009–)
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Since 08/01/2010 (5,105 days)
Nation Team Team: Black (since 8/1/2010) Black
Statistics as of 9/14/2010
Total population 13,841
 9,873 civilians
 3,968 soldiers
Literacy Rate 20.00%
Religion Christianity Christianity
Currency Dollar Dollar
Infrastructure 1,294.71
Technology 4.77
Nation Strength 4,388.751
Nation Rank 13,592 of 5,242 (259.29%)
Total Area 366.209 Nation Map
Environment 1.5 stars
Native Resources Coal and Water
Connected Resources Aluminum, Cattle, Lead, Uranium, Wine, Wheat, Spices, Silver, Lumber and Gold
Bonus Resources Beer

The Majestic Dictatorship of Jayston (German: Die Majestätische Diktatur des Jayston, Spanish: La Dictadura Majestuosa de Jayston), is a new Nordreich nation led by His Supreme Majesty, Gran Kaiser Issacs. Issacs is known to be a deep-rooted Nordlandman and upon taking power, took Jayston under the Nordic banner. Legislation passed the Jaystonian Reichstag declaring the Nordreich flag the official flag of Jayston until further notice.


Royal Jaystonian Coat of Arms of Issacs

Executive Authority[]

The government of Jayston includes:

  • Gran Kaiser (Great Emperor) - Head of State. Manages all affairs with the advice of his counsels.
  • Reichskanzler - Appointed by the Gran Kaiser, top advisor to the imperial power. Acts as Crown Representative when the head of state is not available to be present.
    • Imperial Council of Nine (Nine Wise Ones) (Neun Weisee) - Secretaries of the Imperial Cabinet who head specific ministries.
      • Secretary of Military Forces
        • Director-General of Intelligence (Not a member of the council but often sits in on council affairs.)
      • Secrerary of the State
      • Secretary of the Exchequer
      • Secretary of Justice and Order
      • Secretary of the Exterior
      • Secretary of Sports and Culture
      • Secretary of Labor & Industry
      • Secretary of Education
      • Secretary of Nuclear Developement (Research)

Legislative Authority[]

The Reichstag is the legislative authority of the Reich. Members of the Reichstag are structured as such:

  • Lord President of the Reichstag - presiding officer of the delegation. Elected by a simple majority by members of the Reichstag, although appointed by His Supreme Majesty. Manages the affairs of the Reichstag.
    • Senators - elected politicians.

The Reichstag houses committees to oversee affairs of the nation such as committees for each government ministry.

Judicial Authority[]

Within the Reich the highest judicial body is the Jaystonic Supreme Court. Justices are appointed by the Gran Kaiser and given Lord/Ladyship status among the populous. The Court is comprised of 7 judges, with the most senior justice in the supreme court taking the role of Lord/Lady High Inquisitor, presiding justice of the court. Seats are given for life, however with the presentation of an official Motion of No Confidence and signature by the His Supreme Majesty, a justice could be expelled. To formally present such a motion a 3/4's vote in the Reichstag would be necessary, or the Secretary of Justice and Order may present one.